So this week, Entertainment Weekly is dedicating 11 collectible covers and a huge chunk of the current issue to a celebration of Lost.

Flicking through the magazine I couldn’t help but wonder – where’s the rest of my issue? Followed by a second question – ‘hmmm is this overkill perhaps?’

Now I’m not a Lost fan – but I used to be. I adored the first season but like a lot of people checked out halfway through season 2 (Two words killed the show for me – Ana Lucia). But my brother and a lot of people I know remain die hard addicts – and I’ve kept up with the main storylines (from Charlie’s death to this season’s flash sideways). And with just a few weeks to go until the end of the series I completely understand that this is a really big deal for a lot of people and an IMPORTANT TV EVENT. But I also have a horrible feeling that for the next few weeks I’m going to be inundated with articles, clips, retrospectives and commentary on a show I don’t watch – and that’s going to drive me a little crazy. But hey, that’s show business.

Now in Lost’s case I don’t really mind. Sure I’m not a fan but I can appreciate that it is a great show with a devoted following – and it undeniably had a major impact on TV. But EW’s decision did get me thinking – what pop culture phenomenon are you heartily sick and tired of?

Now I know a lot of people are absolutely exhausted by the whole American Idol phenomenon and are hoping that Simon Cowell’s departure will hasten the end of the show. But for me I love the show – no matter how dreadful the singers and hackneyed this season’s themes have been (see my Fallen Idol piece). So when it come to Idol coverage I say the more the merrier.

Likewise Glee. After the Rolling Stone cover, Entertainment Weekly cover, the cast on Oprah and at the White House, the concert tour, the record sales, the Madonna episode and the general fever pitch media obsession – it’s not a fun time to be a non Glee fan! But again as infuriating as I find the show at times I’m happy for the hype. For now.

So what’s on my overexposure list? Well here’s a few thoughts – Dancing With The Stars – a well cast but for me, very cheesy show, whose appeal completely escapes me (celebrities work their butts of for weeks to win a cheap disco ball trophy. Right.) Add to the list The Bachelor – fake men and women looking for fake love. And talking of fakeness I’d love to never hear about The Real Housewives franchises or The Hills ever again. Throw in Two And A Half Men (why does this show get all the attention when The Big Bang Theory is funnier and fresher week after week?) and the whole Conan / Jay debacle and I’m a happy man!

But for me the pop culture phenomenon I’m most sick of hearing about isn’t even a TV show. It’s Twilight – a dreary and dreadful teen movie that’s treated as though it’s both a masterpiece and momentously important. Let me be clear – it’s not! There are so many things I hate about the Twilight movies I can’t describe – from Kristin Stewart’s on and off screen persona, to the backwards messages of the films (I hate that teen girls are being fed this anti-feminist nonsense) to the cults of Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner (who is undeniably buff – but come on people he’s like 12 years old). But what I hate most about Twilight is that’s its everywhere – so as much as I try to escape it I just can’t. I have to see the covers, sit through the trailers, listen to all the gossip and experience the movies by proxy. Ugh!

And nowhere is Twilight more over-exposed than in the pages of Entertainment Weekly – which does seem to be having a full on love affair with the series. So if it’s a choice between a Twilight and Lost cover I’ll happily go with the latter every time. But maybe just not all 11 of them alright?

But what do you think? Which over-exposed TV shows drive you crazy? Are you incensed by all the Idol coverage – or all the Gleeks out there? Which TV show would you like to banish into obscurity for good – and why… let’s hear from you guys…