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Ah the delicious world of Syfy Channel Movies.

On Saturday 8th May you can check out Mongolian Death Worm, Syfy’s latest masterpiece of computer-animated monstrousness versus in-it-for-the-paycheck actors (Lindsey Lohan – say hello to your future).

Sure Syfy movies are cheap, cheerful and very, very corny – but at least you know what you’re getting – bargain basement B movie thrills and a perfect stoner movie. Dollar for dollar that’s probably better value than a bloated big budget movie like the revamped Clash of the Titans.

So to celebrate Syfy’s latest bad movie bonanza here’s 5 great moments from some of their previous ‘classics’…



Remember the original Anaconda. It was a rather nifty little B movie with Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson (way before he was famous) and Ice Cube battling a giant snake up the Amazon. Well three sequels later you won’t Jenny From The Block anywhere near the franchise, but you will find some rather delicious over-acting and a crunchy new way of killing…

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Sorry for the graininess of this clip but on the plus side at least it hides the rather appalling computer animation! Here we see B-movie actress Yancy Butler getting her just desserts while acting as though she’s in a bad Sex and the City movie. ‘Original Versace’ – really? Who let the gay guy into the writers’ room? Still I guess that’s what you call being a fashion victim…

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Great you’ve got a seriously smashed up leg and are being attacked by giant spiders – and all some guy cares about is showing off his skiing skills. Douchebag.

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I love how thrilled the fiancé looks when her husband-to-be announces their engagement!  Now if only a giant shark could come along and save her from her boyfriend’s bad reaction shots… well fancy that!

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And finally one more Mega monster! I mentioned Mega Piranha a couple of weeks back – in connection with this summer’s big budget 3D piranha movie. But who needs star names and decent special effects when you’ve got a hunky actor who can literally kick away killer fish with his feet (you don’t learn that in crunch class) and Tiffany – a long way from the mall now… don’t forget your fish food…

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