Here’s a new feature we’re launching on Remote Patrolled – called Original Casting.

When networks take a show to series sometimes some of the original cast members are switched out during the transition from pilot to series.

It happens all the time – and right now, on the verge of the fall season, there’s a lot of casting changes happening on an almost daily basis.

But thanks to the wonder that is You Tube, footage of those original performances often resurface, allowing us to compare and contrast the original actor – and their replacement.

First up, here’s True Blood’s Tara – Sookie’s spiky best friend who’s now immortalized by Rutina Wesley.

But Rutina wasn’t the first actress to play Tara. Check out Brook Kerr – the original Tara – in a memorable scene from the vampire saga’s first episode.

Kerr is best known for playing Whitney on the soap opera Passions for 8 years on NBC. She left the role in 2007 – straight into True Blood – but was replaced after filming the unaired pilot. No official reason was given.

Brook’s version of Tara is definitely softer and more restrained than Rutina’s angry portrayal – and she’s notably lighter skinned than Rutina. But what do you think of her performance? Could you imagine Brooke as Tara now?

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s Rutina in action in the same scene

YouTube Preview Image

Also check out the ORIGINAL titles for the show… hard to imagine them now given True Blood’s iconic and memorable opening… thank goodness they changed these out before airing the show…

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image