Over the last couple of days it’s been officially announced that HBO’s Hollywood satire, Entourage, will soon be coming to an end. After a final run of 6 new episodes next summer the adventures of Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari will draw to a close – on the small screen at least.

Yep you heard that right – there are rumors that the gang may return as a big screen movie down the line. To which I say – really? An Entourage movie? Am I the only one who thinks this is a questionable idea?

Now I’ll state up front that I’m not a big Entourage fan. I’ve really, really tried to like it and have watched quite a few episodes over the years. I think the show is okay – but it’s never really become appointment viewing for me as I have a couple of key problems with the show.

Firstly I can’t believe in any universe that a character as bland and soulless as Vince would be an A-list star. He’s just so boring – with none of the spark or quirkiness that separates a Johnny Depp from a Skeet Ulrich or an Angelina Jolie from a Jessica Alba.

Then there’s the rest of the cast, who for me are pretty much the definition of douchebag Hollywood– arrogant, smarmy and, unlikable. And that kind of goes for the tone of the show in general which is riddled throughout with a nasty, sour flavor. I’m not rooting for these guys. I just like them slightly more than some of the oddball characters they come into conflict with.

But of course I’m probably in a minority here. Entourage has been a big hit for years – and I’m also not in the target audience – straight white guys in their 20’s and 30’s for whom the likes of Ari are heroes and role models. I’ll absolutely concede to not really ‘getting’ the show.

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But despite the show’s success I just can’t get my head around the idea of an Entourage movie – and I do question if there’s really a big enough demand for it.

We’re just coming off a summer where three high profile TV properties bit the box office dust – with Sex and the City underperforming, The A Team movie struggling and MacGruber an outright disaster.

And these were not exceptions to the rule – the track record for TV shows to movies is a pretty poor one overall. For every Mission Impossible there’s an X Files 2, Miami Vice, S.W.A.T, The Mod Squad, Lost In Space, Dukes of Hazzard and a Bewitched. In fact I’d argue the ratio of hits to flops is about 1:4 when it comes to TV shows turned into movies.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am super excited for the upcoming 24 Movie (see my 24-7 piece for my suggestions on how NOT to screw up the franchise). I can absolutely see Jack Bauer as a big screen star – he could be the new Jason Bourne or James Bond if the movie is handled right. But I think 24 will work for a variety of reason. 24 left our screens in pretty good shape – the series was still loved by fans and remained relatively healthy in the ratings. Plus a movie will enable the show to do things it couldn’t do on the small screen – bigger action sequences and more spectacle for instance.

In a different way I think the original Sex and The City movie did so well because it left on a ratings high and its predominantly female audience absolutely adored those characters – and desperately wanted more. The fab base was rabid. And as we all know, Hollywood doesn’t make enough movies for women anyway, so the return of the Fab Four took on event movie status. As many people have said Sex and the City is kind of Star Wars for girls…

But I just don’t know if there would be a similar demand for an Entourage movie. The show’s current ratings are okay – last week it managed 2.8 million – but that’s just half the ratings of True Blood which airs earlier in the evening on HBO (and which I do think WOULD make a great movie series). And let’s be honest, there’s not exactly a shortage of testosterone driven comedies in the marketplace at the moment – witness The Other Guys and Grown Ups as two recent examples. What can an Entourage movie offer that we haven’t seen before?

But most importantly I don’t feel the passion of the fans. I know a lot of people who LIKE Entourage but not many who LOVE it. The show is undeniably popular and has had a great run – but I don’t feel that unquestioning fan worship that surrounds Sex and the City or Twilight or heck, even Lady Gaga. And for me if Entourage is to step up to the big screen it needs a really committed, really hungry fan base to spread the word – and a base much larger audience than those 2.8 million current viewers…

But what do you think? Could you envision an Entourage movie? And if so – what do you think the show’s makers should do… As always I’d love to hear your thoughts…