Check out the just released trailer for Teen Wolf, the MTV remake of the Michael J. Fox 80′s movie…

To be honest I was expecting the show to look terrible – but the producers have clearly gone the more serious route and ditched the jokey tone of the original movie (and its even more ridiculous sequel – poor Jason Bateman!) I suspect the success of Taylor Lautner in the Twlight movies played a big part in their decision. Notice that the show’s ‘were-brother’ is pretty good looking!

My big question really revolves around how ‘right’ this show is for MTV? I can absolutely see Teen Wolf on The CW, Syfy and maybe even ABC Family – but is this really an MTV show? Do the MTV audience actually want scripted series? Or would the network be better off sticking to sensational non-scripted shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom?

I guess we’ll find out when Teen Wolf launches in the New Year… but in the meantime, what do you think? Will you be watching the show – or would you have preferred the producers to have stuck to a campier tone… start commenting everyone (oh and if you want a reminder of the original Teen Wolf, the trailer is below!)

YouTube Preview Image