I’m normally not a fan of Chelsea Handler, finding her mean girl shtick more rude than funny. But I have to give Chelsea kudos for putting rap star and all round douchebag Diddy in his place this week.

Diddy arrived over an hour late for the Chelsea Lately show and you can tell Handler is not at all happy with his poor timekeeping skills. Plus the fact that he’s clearly a little intoxicated shows exactly what Diddy was up to pre-show. For me that’s just tacky and disrespectful and I love that Chelsea calls him on it. In fact it’s rather fun to see Diddy squirming a little.

The rapper and producer was appearing with his ‘band’ Diddy Dirty Money to promote their new CD, Last Train To Paris – a record that’s been delayed for over a year and has sold just 101,000 copies in its first week (his lowest first week sales ever). Hmm, maybe Diddy should be taking his promotional duties a little more seriously…?

If it sounds like I’m giving Diddy a hard time it’s because I have first hand knowledge of his bad attitude – I worked on one of his old TV shows and though I never met the guy personally (thank goodness) I was appalled at how he treated the crew, producers and the show in general (constant lateness, canceling shoots at the last minute, rude entourage). I just have a very low tolerance for bad behavior from celebrities – a friend recently told me some shocking Mariah Carey stories – and really don’t care how famous someone is in their own head, you can still act like a professional!

So kudos to Chelsea. And Diddy – start learning some manners. Karma’s a bitch!

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