It’s our final Keep Or Cancel for a while – and this time around it’s CBS, probably the healthiest off all the broadcast networks.

CBS has plenty of solid hits on its schedule but like all networks, if it’s going to premiere new series in the Fall, it’ll need to clear some room. So who stays and who goes – here’s how it’s shaping up at the moment…

ALREADY RENEWED: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Two And A Half Men (in theory!)

ALREADY GONE: Nothing yet – officially…


NCIS: LOS ANGELES: It’s the number 2 rated scripted show of the season, regularly pulling in 15-18 million viewers and actually averaging better figures than season 1. Sure the 18-49 demo numbers aren’t quite as huge but with those kinds of ratings, who cares? I’m just wondering why CBS haven’t announced the official renewal yet. KEEP

CHAOS: Hmm, let’s see… Chaos stayed on the shelf for months, was relegated to a Friday night slot (aka The Dead Zone) and last week scored just 5.5 million viewers and a 0.9 18-49 share. The only surprise here will be if Chaos even makes it through its first season. CANCEL

THE DEFENDERS: To be honest The Defenders may as well be in the Already Gone column as there’s pretty much zero chance it will get a second season. The show underperformed on Wednesdays at 10pm and then also fell flat on its Friday night move. Poor Jerry O’Connell (Carpoolers, Do Not Disturb) can’t seem to catch a break. CANCEL


 UNDERCOVER BOSS: Sure it’s not quite the ratings force that it used to be on Sunday nights (Secret Millionaire seems to have taken away some of the show’s buzz) but Undercover Boss still pulls in over 10 million viewers each episode and hovers around a 3.0 18-49 share. That’s better than EVERY single show on NBC at the moment. Personally I’m not a fan of the show’s scripted and staged set-ups, but since when has a bit of fakery ever stopped a show becoming a hit? Another season is inevitable. KEEP

MIKE & MOLLY: For most of its run Mike And Molly has been boosted by its Two And A Half Men lead in. But then Charlie Sheen went crazy, Men went on hiatus and suddenly the freshman sitcom had to take the 9pm lead. Last Monday the comedy fell to a season low, pulling in just 7.9 million viewers and a 2.5 18-49 share. Earlier in the season the slump might have mattered, but with just a few weeks left to go I think Mike and Molly is home and dry – for this year at least. KEEP

THE GOOD WIFE: Now here’s one of the most contentious decisions CBS is going to have to make. The Good Wife is a ratings under-performer with just a 2.0 18-49 share and by rights should be heading for the chopping block. But I don’t think it’s that simple… for starters the show brings in around 11 million total viewers each week, the critics love it and most importantly The Good Wife has plenty of buzz and attracts more magazine covers and news features than higher rated shows like NCIS and CSI. Personally I think CBS would be mad to cancel the show, especially with the much talked about Kalinda storyline about to explode… KEEP

BLUE BLOODS: Think The Good Wife has it tough – try being Tom Selleck. In a perfect illustration of the key problem CBS faces, Blue Bloods has been performing strongly in total viewers in the Friday night wasteland – managing over 10 million viewers week in and out (even repeats pull in 7 million). But with just a 1.6 18-49 share hardly any of those viewers are in the ad friendly target audience. Personally I still think Blue Bloods is going to return – what else can CBS expect on a Friday night. Beside with Selleck’s name attached I bet the show performs strongly in international sales. KEEP


THE MENTALIST: Simon Bakers isn’t quite the golden boy he used to be for CBS but with 15 million viewers a week and a 3.0 18-49 share The Mentalist isn’t going anywhere. KEEP

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Wait is that still on? I’m amazed by how little buzz CBS’s Monday night comedy generates and how it’s still on the air after FIVE seasons! Ratings for Rules fell off big time last season and haven’t picked up – but the show is getting closer to the magic 100 episodes needed for syndication, so it’s probably going to get a 6th (and 7th season) KEEP

CSI / MIAMI / NEW YORK: Okay first up, the original CSI WILL be back. Laurence Fishburne is no William Petersen but the show is still a key Thursday night component and delivers strong ratings and demo numbers. Miami isn’t faring quite as well but its 2.7 18-49 share is good enough. Nope, the real problem is New York, which after being relegated to Friday night’s this season is performing worse than Blue Bloods. Plus the show’s in its 7th season, while Blue Bloods is just getting started. I have a feeling Gary Sinise will be back on the movie market before long… KEEP / KEEP / CANCEL

CRIMINAL MINDS / SUSPECT BEHAVIOR: The original’s not going anywhere (especially as key cast members have just re-signed for 2 more years) – the announcement is just a technicality. The spin off isn’t in such a good shape – almost a full ratings point lower in 18-49 (2.6 versus a 3.5) and under 10 million viewers. Will CBS give the show time – or has it already had its chance. I’m opting for the former. KEEP / KEEP

MAD LOVE: I had a feeling Mad Love wasn’t going to perform in the ratings and sadly I was correct. As I’ve said before, there are just too many wannabe Friends rom-coms on air at the moment (Love, Better With You, Happy Endings) and audiences can smell a stale concept from a mile off. With ratings of less than 6 million a time cancellation seems certain. CANCEL

S#*! MY DAD SAYS: It’s on hiatus and unlikely to ever return. Thank goodness – now I don’t have to keep typing those darn symbols! CANCEL

HAWAII FIVE-0: With all the magazine covers and stunted episodes you’d be forgiven for thinking Hawaii Five-0 is a big old hit. And to be fair it’s not doing badly – 9.5 million and a 2.5 18-49 share. But after all the hype and with one of the best slots on TV, shouldn’t the show be doing a little better? Hawaii reminds me of Las Vegas, the not-too-fondly-remembered casino show that somehow stumbled along for 5 seasons. I think Five-0 will almost certainly be back – but it’s going to have to up its game soon… KEEP