Winners and Losers From The Last 7 Days


AMERICAN IDOL: Well here’s a surprise…

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 10th season of American Idol came to a close, the first sans Simon Cowell. Tuesday’s performance episode featuring Scotty and Lauren facing off pulled in 20.57 million viewers and a 6.4 18-49 share. Impressive – but still down 7% on last year’s equivalent episode – and a whole percentage point down on last week’s Wednesday episode. Did moving the performance show from a Wednesday to a Tuesday really hurt the ratings that much? (The decision was made to fit within the broadcast TV season which ended on Wednesday) In fact, Idol was even beaten by Dancing With The Stars!

But Idol roared back to life on Wednesday night with the usual star-studded 2-hour results shows (always one of my favorite episodes). Scotty’s coronation scored a whopping 29.29 million viewers and a scorching 9.2 18-49 rating. Most impressive of all is that fact that that figure is up 21% in total viewership from last year – the first time an Idol finale has risen on the previous year in 5 seasons! For a show in it’s 10th year that’s pretty astounding…

Now if only they could make the show good again!

GLEE: More good news for Fox on Tuesday as the Glee season 2 finale provided a strong uptick for the high school musical show. After some recent less than stunning figures, Glee jumped to 11.80 million viewers and a 4.6 18-49 share – up 28% week to week and the show’s best ratings since March.

Sure a big part of the boost came from the show’s American Idol lead in but given Fox’s current X Factor woes I’m sure the network will take the good news wherever they can at the moment. Now let’s just hope the show’s writers can get the series creatively back on track ahead of next year…


NBC REALITY SHOWS: With so many big finales this week – American Idol, Glee, Dancing With The Stars – there also had to be a few losers and once again it was NBC who took the biggest hit.

On Sunday night there was Celebrity Apprentice, which while up week to week by 16%, ended up down 15% on last year’s finale with 8.61 million viewers and 3.0 18-49 share. Did The Donald’s abandoned Presidential run torpedo his own ratings (I think so. I personally wouldn’t watch The Apprentice again after Trump’s borderline racist comments)

Meanwhile on Tuesday The Biggest Loser came to a close with 8.20 million viewers and a 3.1 18-49 share, down 21% from last Spring’s finale. Sure Loser was up against some tough competition – the final Idol performance show, the Glee season finale and the Dancing With The Stars final results – but even so, there’s cause for concern here for the network.

Most alarming of all though is The Voice, down to 8.49 million viewers and a 3.8 youth share. Again it was a tough night and that 10pm slot isn’t helping the new music competition (the show reverts to an earlier time slot and a 2 hour format very soon).But that’s almost 2 full demo points lost since the show started. Will the show continue to decline or start to build, free of competition and with an America’s Got Talent boost? We shall see…

COUGAR TOWN: Wednesday was also a tough night for ABC’s comedy block as the network’s season finales went up against the Idol juggernaut. But while Modern Family remained relatively unscathed (down just a smidge year to year with 10.31 million and a 4.2 18-49 share) Cougar Town plummeted 29% compared to last year with just 5.01 million and a 2.0 youth share. That’s not much better than the struggling newbie Happy Endings. Time to hit the bottle guys!

TREME: And finally… while HBO can boast some nice results for it’s new fantasy drama Game Of Thrones the news isn’t so good for Treme, Season 2.

I’ve admittedly never watched the show and have argued here on the site that the series just seems like a whole heap of hard work. But it seems that maybe I’m not the only one who thinks that way, with Sunday’s episode pulling in just 591,000 viewers and a measly 0.2 18-49 share. Can the pay cable network seriously justify a third season at these levels? Surely not…

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