It’s almost here… True Blood is back June 26th, bringing with it the official start of the summer TV season!

As you may know, I had mixed feelings on Season 3 which was horribly overpopulated with characters, became mired in some really dull plotlines (most involving Jason) and wasn’t as cohesive as the first two series. But I’m hoping Season 4 will get the show back on track.

Already I have to applaud HBO for NOT over-promoting the show as they did last time around. Less is more sometimes and I think Season 3 suffered from insanely high expectations and over-hyping.

This first trailer doesn’t reveal much aside from a lot of snarling vampires and a shirtless Alcide! But we know Season 4 is all about witches, Godric will be back and vampire spokesperson Nan Flanagan has been promoted to series regular.

So are you excited for True Blood season 4… start commenting everyone!