wedding cake

Hey everyone – it’s time for another installment of our latest Remote Patrolled strand, 101 Ways To Make TV Better, where I take on an aspect of the TV industry that drives me crazy!

Last time around I took on rich bitch Paris Hilton – and given the measly ratings for her new reality show on Oxygen, it seems I’m not the only one who dislikes the spoiled heiress!

This week’s pet peeve – TV cake shows!

Now before I get into specifics let me be clear – I’m not targeting any one show in particular. What drives me crazy instead is the sheer number of these shows on our screens. There’s Cake Boss, The Next Great Baker, DC Cupcakes, Cupcake Wars, Have Cake Will Travel, Wedding Cake Masters, Ace of Cakes, Cupcake Sisters, Ultimate Cake Off, The Cupcake Girls, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Fabulous Cakes and Staten Island Cakes. Phew!

Look, I love cake as much as the next guy but I think we all have to agree that this trend is now officially beyond overkill!

I’ll give Cake Boss a pass as it was pretty much first to the table and because the show’s star Buddy is a great TV character with some serious cake making skills. Plus I enjoyed his reality spin off Next Great Baker (I’m a sucker for a competition reality show). And Ace Of Cakes was also an early entry with a big fanbase.


But we’ve now reached a point of pure laziness. So many of the above shows are mere copycats of one another and the skill level has dropped notably (I know that one of the above cake makers gets a LOT of help from the team around them – unbeknownst to the network involved!)

Plus with each of these shows comes the contrived and ‘produced up’ reality scenes. How many times have we seen the intricate cake that falls apart at the last minute? The oven left on too long? The undercooked cake that’s soggy in the middle? The demanding client who changes their mind at the last minute? And the ‘sudden’ rush order that our cake makers can’t possibly meet – but somehow do! We’ve seen all of the above scenes over and over and over again!

Sure I get it – Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes were huge hits so it makes sense to try and duplicate their success. One or two additional shows would make sense – but I think we all have to agree that the trend is officially out of control now! I’ll give a semi-pass to Food Network and The Cooking Channel, since food and baking are of course their literal bread and butter. But I really don’t understand why certain other networks have embraced the cake trend so much – audiences know a derivative show when they see it – and I think even the network execs involved would hold their hands up and admit a lack of originality.

On the plus side I am sensing an end to the movement now so fingers crossed we may soon see less cake shows on our screens. But that said I’m sure as I write this someone, somewhere at a network is developing yet another cake series!

But that’s the thing with cakes – one bite is delicious but too many can leave you feeling nauseous. Networks – please take note!

But what do you say? Are you tired of the cake TV trend? Which cake shows do you watch? And which is the worst of the batch?