Okay, color me confused!

Am I the only one who left last night’s final episode of The Killing scratching my head and not really sure what happened?

I’ve been a big fan of The Killing throughout its 13 episode run, championing the show against accusations that it was too slow, too depressing and too contrived (all of which were valid criticisms at times)

But here’s the thing – if I’m going to invest that much time in a show I certainly want to know who the killer is by season’s end. Last night’s series finale was gripping and involving but also ultimately frustrating. I don’t mind a couple of loose ends to carry us over into next season – but it felt like The Killing didn’t give us ANY real answers.

On the one hand it looked likely that politician Darren Richmond was the killer of Rosie Larsen. There was that terrifically creepy email scene last week (the show’s single best moment in my opinion), Gwen’s testimony that Darren was missing for hours and arrived home soaking wet, the prostitute’s evidence last week and of course Richmond’s whole mysterious back story. When Holder delivered the smoking gun last night – a photo of Darren in the infamous black sedan the night of Rosie’s death – it appeared to be case closed. And I would have been fine with that, though also a little underwhelmed that the show’s killer had turned out to be the most obvious suspect from day one (because really why else was that whole political subplot going on?)

But then The Killing muddied the water.

It turned out that Holder had doctored Darren’s photo and had a partner in his crime – his final words to his mysterious ally were ‘Photo worked – he’s going down’. So was Richmond actually guilty, or had he been set up all along? Who was Holder’s co-conspirator – Mayor Adams, Gwen, slimy campaign manager Jamie? Or had Holder just doctored the one photo to push through an arrest – let’s call it the Patty Hewes’ school of legal work – and Richmond was guilty all along. Is Holder a bad guy or a good guy?

Last night’s show ended with Belko about to murder Darren, potentially sealing the politician’s guilty fate. Plus we had more long lingering close ups of grieving mom Mitch as her marriage to Stan fell apart. It’s not that I don’t care about the Larsens – just that their storyline ultimately didn’t really go anywhere, I was expecting a lot more family secrets to come tumbling out along the way.

As a season finale The Killing certainly raised some intriguing questions for Season 2 (thank goodness there will be another series – can you imagine if the show had ended like that!) But I’m also a little bummed. I wanted a clearer resolution to Rosie’s story. And while I don’t mind Holder being a little dirty – the sleazy contrast to Sarah’s uptightness – I also want him to be a good guy, so the two can continue solving cases together in coming seasons…

But what did you think? Were you pleased or disappointed by The Killing’s finale? Who do you think murdered Rosie? And what’s your take on Holder? Fire away…