Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that this weekend sees the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, the latest superhero epic to hit movie screens this summer.

You’ll also of course know that Captain America stars Chris Evans, the hunky star best known for The Fantastic Four and taking his shirt off (a lot!)

But before Evans made his big screen debut in 2001′s Not Another Teen Movie, he was just another jobbing teen actor. The result – Chris appeared in The Opposite Sex, a Fox summer series that came and went in the space of 8 episodes back in 2000.

Chris played Cary Baston, a student at a girl’s school that recently went co-ed. Together with his friends, Cary tries to implement some school changes – but the girls aren’t too happy!

Check out the typical teen titles at the 02.55 mark and Chris’s co-star, future Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia. The Opposite Sex attracted mixed reviews upon airing, falling somewhere between Beverly Hills 90210 and Freeks and Geeks in tone…

But do you remember the show? Were you a fan? And did you ever think Chris Evans would make it this big?

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