Ryan Gosling, Young Hercules

It’s time for another movie star flashback – this time featuring Crazy, Stupid, Love star Ryan Gosling

Most people know that Ryan’s first big break was on The Mickey Mouse Club - the series that also famously launched Britney, Christina and Justin…

But Mickey wasn’t Ryan’s only notable early role. 3 years after he left the Club in 1998, Ryan headed to New Zealand to star as the title character in Young Hercules, a sword and sandals series from Sam Raimi, who also oversaw the adult Hercules and Xena: The Warrior Princess (and the current Spartacus)

Though Young Hercules only made it to one season, it was a super-size series – comprising of 50 episodes in total – all filmed for an amazing $20 million TOTAL! That’s some crafty TV making. The effects came courtesy of Weta Workshop, the New Zealand based effects house that would go on to win Academy Awards for their work on the Lord of the Rings movies…

The show ran on the Fox Kids network and attracted a passionate and devoted young female audience (I wonder why). Even back then Gosling was turning heads – though as anyone who’s watched the likes of The Believer, Half Nelson and Blue Valentine knows, he’s also not lacking the talent department.

Anyway check out the show’s opening, below (unfortunately it’s been cut a little short for copyright reasons)

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And check out a young Gosling in training for the role…

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