Mariah Carey - HSN

Oh Mariah, what have you become?

Check out this compilation of moments of Mariah Carey as she paid a visit to HSN over the weekend to plug her latest fashion and jewelery lines. It’s four minutes of pure diva…

There’s Mariah giving instructions to the camera crews, constant complaining about her recent pregnancy and the general self obsession we’ve come to expect from the multi-octave diva!

Here’s my take! I was quite a fan of Mariah in the early Vision Of Love days, before her music became too hip-hop and over-produced. But the Mariah of then is worlds apart from the Mariah of now.

I like a bit of diva and some crazy is fun (a la Lady Gaga) – but I have a low tolerance for brattiness – and I know from several colleagues just how high maintenance Carey is in real life. When you hear tales of such disgusting behavior it’s hard to then like the performer themselves. There’s a fine line between diva and just plain rude….

But what do you think? Are you a Mariah fan – and why? And what do you make of this HSN appearance… will you buying any of Mariah’s collection?
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