Hey everyone!

It’s time for a new feature here on the site. This one’s called Remote Patrolled Predicts and is my chance to predict the future for some of today’s veteran shows – and just how many more seasons they have left in them!

To kick us off we’ve a show I’ve talked about a LOT here on the site. But if you ask me the end is nigh for everyone’s favorite high school musical… but do you agree?

My Prediction: 2 more seasons!

Why: Yep that’s right – I’m not even sure that Glee will make it to the five-year mark!

The reason? I think Glee’s one of those shows that will burn bright and fall fast – just like other first year smashes such as Ugly Betty and Heroes.

The evidence is all there in the ratings. Glee was the underdog in Season 1 and really found its feet in the second half of the season, where it benefitted from an American Idol lead in and great word of mouth.

The momentum carried over into Season 2 last fall, but then the inevitable backlash, which I also saw coming, kicked in.  After a brief hiatus, Glee returned in April with much lower ratings. Before the break every single episode scored over 10 million viewers. Of the remaining 6 episodes of Season 2, only the season finale did.

When you add in the growing critical disdain for the show (and all its inconsistencies), the falling singles’ sales and the indifferent initial response to Oxygen spin off The Glee Project (which has been gaining ground since, mainly because it’s darn good) – all the signs seem to be pointing to a quick flameout. Plus the original cast will all be leaving soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see drastically down ratings in Season 3 and a wrap up in 4.


How To Squeeze Out More Seasons: For starters Glee needs to radically improve on the quality front come the Fall. The knives are out and the show can’t afford any more missteps. It needs to take a leaf out of the Modern Family playbook – where excellence is the norm, not the exception.

Glee also needs to stop the non-stop rotating celebrity guest stars and stunted episodes. And above all else it needs to stop the Sue Sylvester silliness. Jane Lynch deserves so much better than the cartoon character Sue has become.

The Wild Card: The X Factor. Fox’s secret weapon for the Fall is going to take up 2 nights of the schedule and if it becomes the hit everyone is expecting it could become a vital weapon in the ratings war. If Glee can ride the X Factor momentum it’ll be able to ride through until January, when American Idol takes over.

The other big question? How will the rest of Fox’s fall schedule perform? If Terra Nova and Alcatraz also hit their targets, Glee may not be network savior it once was…

So that’s my verdict – but what do you say? How long do you think Glee will continue to run – and why? Fire away…