When Does It Start: Thursday 15th September at 9pm EST on The CW

In A Nutshell: Move over vampires and zombies – this Fall it’s all about witchcraft!

What’s It About: Cassie Blake is a normal teenager until tragedy strikes when her mother dies in a freak fiery accident. But when Cassie moves to the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor she discovers that her mother’s death wasn’t all that it seemed.

As Cassie adjusts to her new life and makes a new set of friends (cute boy, tick, mean girl, tick, BFF, tick) she realizes she’s part of an ancient secret circle, endowed with magical powers and descended from powerful witches. But there are dark forces afoot in Chance Harbor and great danger ahead… cue high school drama, teen romance and plenty of PG-13 rated thrills!

What’s The Competition: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, Person Of Interest on CBS, Bones on Fox and The Office / Whitney on NBC.

Will It Succeed: After some shockingly bad decisions over the last few years (Shedding For The Wedding, Plain Jane, High Society), The CW has a MUCH stronger development slate this year – and The Secret Circle is bang on brand for the network. I think a new hit show could be in the works…

For starters The Secret Circle has a great slot, straight after the highly compatible Vampire Diaries.  Now entering its 3rd season, Diaries still has plenty of juice left in the franchise though it’s starting to lose steam. However making Thursday nights the network’s ‘fantasy/horror’ night is a smart move for The CW. Plus competition is limited. Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and Person Of Interest all skew much older, and the Steve Carrell-less Office shouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

The Secret Circle trailers are intriguing and the fact the show is based on a long running series of young adult novels from the same author as The Vampire Diaries, only adds to the show’s potential. Plus witchcraft is hot these days – especially following the latest season of True Blood. And unlike vampires, the subject matter isn’t over-exposed.

Then there’s show creator Kevin Williamson, who knows his way around the teen audience having presided over Diaries, Dawson’s Creek, Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Sure Williamson has had a couple of misfires – Glory Days and Hidden Palms for example – but these were more due to network mishandling than Williamson’s work. If anyone can guide The Secret Circle to success it’s the CW’s teen king.

The Secret Circle cast are also very CW friendly. Thomas Dekker is well known from Heroes and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (and less so for last year’s dreadful Elm Street remake) while Britt Robertson starred in the well-liked Life Unexpected. Plus for the adults there’s Gale Harold (Desperate Housewives, Queer As Folk) and Natasha Henstridge (Species). All bases ticked.

Chances Of A Second Season: Very strong. The Secret Circle is right on brand and has the perfect companion show. I’d be very surprised if the show didn’t make it to season 2.