James Franco on Pacific Blue
He’s an actor, writer, director, painter, performance artist and Oscar nominee – and host!

But before he hit the big time James Franco was just another jobbing actor – taking roles wherever he could to build up his resume and skills.

Most people know that Franco scored his big break in the cult TV series Freaks And Geeks (alongside other future stars like Seth Rogen and Jason Segel). But here’s James in a far less familiar early role – on the barely remembered Pacific Blue.

Nicknamed ‘Baywatch On Bikes‘, Blue followed a team of police officers from the Santa Monica PD who patrolled the beaches on bikes. Yep, seriously! But even more amazing than the fact that the show was commissioned in the first place was that it ran for 5 seasons  on the USA network!

As if that wasn’t bad enough – king of cheese Mario Lopez also starred in the show from 1998-2000.

Anyway for his part James played a bike shop worker who ticks off his boss and takes a bit of a beating – until the Pacific Blue team arrive – on their bikes. Sorry, I just can’t get over how gimmicky and silly the whole premise is. And to think people complain about reality TV today…

Check out James in action below (apologies for the annoying subtitles!).

So do you remember Pacific Blue? And what are your thoughts on James Franco in general – have you forgiven him for that Oscar hosting gig yet…?

YouTube Preview Image