Jesse Eisenberg's Dr Pepper Commercial
It’s Before They Were Big time again – one of our most popular features here on Remote Patrolled!

Over the last couple of weeks we showcased what Chris Evans,  Ryan Gosling and James Franco were all up to before they made it famous. And today’s the turn of their fellow summer movie star Jesse Eisenberg.

Jesse is starring in the new comedy 30 Minutes Or Less (or as I call it – ‘Yet Another Attempt To Make Aziz Ansari A Star’) but is of course most well known for movies like Zombieland, The Squid And The Whale and obviously The Social Network.

But back in 2001 Jesse was still a newbie to the acting scene. Check him out in action in this UK Dr Pepper commercial, hinging on the soda’s famous tag line ‘What’s The Worst That Could Happen’…

Watch the commercial and find out for yourself… it’s Jesse playing the stock ‘Jesse Eisenberg nerdy character’ (I guess Michael Cera wasn’t available) but still interesting to see the actor at age 17 finding his feet…


YouTube Preview Image