So have you been following the latest season of True Blood… and if so what are your thoughts so far?

I’ve been a big True Blood fan from the very start but as regular Remote Patrolled readers would know, I was NOT a big supporter of the messy Season 3 which suffered from far too many characters, dragged out story lines and a whole heap of plots that didn’t connect.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Season 4 started with a bang a few weeks ago – and since then the quality has remained pretty high. But of course I’m never satisfied and there are always holes to pick!

On the plus side I’m loving Marnie the witch – a worthy successor to the fabulous Maryann (when is Michelle Forbes going to get her own series I wonder?) I also like how the witches versus vampires storylines has given the season clear battle lines and a central thrust that was missing from last year’s show.

It was also nice to see different sides to our favorite characters, especially at the start of the season. How refreshing to see Tara finally happy, Lafayette and Jesus’s functional relationship, Jason actually given a plot line for once and a harsher, colder side to vampire Bill. And overall the season has moved along briskly and kept me constantly entertained.

On the downside? Well, while I’ve enjoyed Eric’s transformation from snarling bad boy to sweet innocent and seeing Sookie fall in love with her former nemesis am I the only person who thinks the storyline is starting to become as tedious as Bill and Sookie? I’ve lost count of how many times Sookie has looked into Eric’s eyes and professed her love for the ‘new’ Eric and how many times her vampire lover has told her he doesn’t want his memory back.

I’m also not too sure about some of the stories circling on the sidelines. Do I really care that Andy Bellefleur is addicted to V (short answer: no). Similarly Terry and Arlene and the ‘devil baby plot’ often comes across as cartoonish – partly because Arlene herself is such a one note, hysterical character. Meanwhile Alcide and Debbie’s new werewolf pack feels pretty extraneous to the rest of the Bon Temps goings on. And as for the Jason, Hoyt and Jessica love triangle? It’s nice to see Jessica getting screentime – but am I the only one who thinks it would have been a braver move on the show’s part to have killed her off a couple of weeks ago while under Marnie’s spell?

That’s what I think – but what about you? Have you been following True Blood Season 4 and what do you think of the series so far… weigh in and let’s get the discussion going!