Andy Bellefleur-True Blood

Okay, I’ve bitten my tongue for as long as I can… and I just can’t contain myself anymore!

Can we all finally agree that it’s high time that the truly tiresome Andy Bellefleur met the true death on True Blood?

I’ve stuck with my favorite vampire saga for 4 full seasons – through the highs (Maryann, King Russell, Alcide) and the lows (a good chunk of Season 3) – so as a true fan I’m totally in my rights to name paunchy local cop Andy the series most unnecessary and uninteresting character. Ever!

Through all the time that we’ve known him Andy has never once risen to the level of a 3 dimensional character. He’s True Blood’s resident oaf, a cartoonish clown who can always be relied upon to screw up and get the facts wrong. So basically he’s Jason. Except Sookie’s brother at least has his sex appeal to fall back on.

The fact is Andy’s character would be bearable if he was actually funny. But he’s not. He’s just lumbering and useless and annoying. And in a show that’s already overcrowded with characters Andy takes up a heck of a lot of valuable screen time.

Now we’re being asked to care about Andy’s relationship with his cousin Terry, probably the second most uninteresting character on True Blood. But at least Terry has his relationship with Arlene to keep him interesting, although recently all she’s been given to do is act hysterical and fret over her new baby.

Together the combination of Terry and Andy is TV Ambien. Honestly each time the duo share a scene – as in last week’s dreary bonding scenes – the pace of the whole show just falls flat. HBO doesn’t need commercial breaks with these two around – they’re the perfect excuse for a restroom or coffee stop.

The fact is True Blood is perfectly happy to kill of its cast members – as we recently witnessed with Tommy Mickens. So why can’t Andy Bellefleur meet the same fate? Or at least be sent away from a long vacation. And don’t tell me Andy is essential to the Charlaine Harris’ novels. The series has already deviated from the books plenty. If a character isn’t working on screen he has to go. And Andy has never, ever worked as a character…

But tell me – am I alone in feeling this way? Does Andy annoy you as much as he annoys me? What possible reason is there to keep him on the show? I’d love to hear your thoughts…