Suburgatory 1

Winners and Losers From The Last 7 Days

Week 2 of the Fall TV season and the ratings drama continues…


SUBURGATORY: Fall 2011 truly is the season of the female fronted comedy.

After the success of 2 Broke Girls and New Girl (both of which held up well in week 2 – New Girl even earned the first renewal of the season) – now ABC can add its own female comedy to the list in the form of under-the-radar Suburgatory.

Yep, the Daria-esque sitcom received barely a fraction of the press and promotion awarded to the CBS and Fox comediess and still performed admirably for ABC. Suburgatory debuted with 9.81 million and a 3.3 18-49 share. That’s almost 30% higher than Better With You opened with last Fall and most impressively, built on the ratings and demo of The Middle (8.68 million and a 2.7), providing a nice lead in to Modern Family.

Plus the newbie had a higher demo rating than long running CBS shows Survivor and CSI. Not bad going! Now the big question becomes – how will those ratings hold up in Week 2 and beyond…? (I hope the show does well – I found Suburgatory pretty funny!)

PAN AM: Another female friendly show takes to the skies – literally!

NBC’s Playboy Club may have crashed and burned on Monday nights, but it’s quite a different story for ABC’s sixties set series.

Pan Am launched on Sunday night with 11.06 million viewers and a 3.1 18-49 rating. Those are great figures for ABC and most significantly of all, Pan Am increased on its Desperate Housewives lead in (which at 9.93 million and a 3.2 was down almost 30% season to season). That’s a vast improvement on the last couple of seasons of Brothers and Sisters, which though a hit, always declined after Housewives. Once again though – how many of those viewers will stick around for week 2?  (Personally I thought the Pan Am opener was good, but not great)



TERRA NOVA: Ouch – this has gotta hurt!

After all that hype and promotion, Fox’s Terra Nova finally debuted on Monday night, unofficially the most expensive pilot ever made.

And what did Fox get for their $15 million? 9.22 million viewers and a 3.1 18-49 share. Not terrible – but far from the blockbuster the network needed to justify their investment.

To put those figures into perspective – that’s less that HALF of what the resurgent Two And A Half Men scored in its second week (20.52 million and a terrific 7.4 youth share) and lower viewing figures that How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Dancing With The Stars, 2 Broke Girls and Mike And Molly scored on the same night.

Plus, let’s be honest – Terra Nova was pretty terrible – so we can expect even further drops next week. Suddenly The X Factor is starting to look a bit better to Fox…

HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN: Well, who didn’t see this one coming!

Hot on the heels of last year’s similarly unpopular #$*! My Dad Says comes How To Be A Gentleman, starring Entourage star Kevin Dillon at his douchiest!

I didn’t even preview Gentleman here on the site as I had a feeling it would not be long for this world (ditto fellow CBS Friday night flop A Gifted Man) and sure enough the show stumbled straight out of the gate.

How To Be A Gentleman pulled in 8.98 million viewers and a 2.8 18-49 share. On paper that sounds pretty good. But remember this is CBS, home of the high ratings where the bar is set a LOT higher.

Gentleman lost a huge chunk of its Big Bang Theory lead in (14.74 million viewers and a 4.9 demo share) and provided a weak lead in for the already struggling Person Of Interest (12.51 million and a 2.7 18-49 share) which in turn hurt the Mentalist (12.92 million and a 2.6). Sure NBC would kill for ratings like these – but these demo shares are nothing to brag about. So here’s my advice – don’t get too attached to these Gentlemen.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS: And talking of totally un-shocking ratings – there’s trouble over at ABC with their much talked about Angel’s reboot – and it’s only week 2!

Angels launched last week to middling ratings and this week fell an alarming 30% to just 7.11 million and a terrible 1.5 18-49 share. That’s one of the lowest demo ratings of the week and barely above the level of the doomed CW (The Vampire Diaries actually hit a 1.3 in the same timeslot)

When will networks get the message that audiences don’t want endless TV remakes I wonder? In the meantime start counting the weeks until Charlie’s Angels joins Knight Rider and V in the great cancelation heavens.