Revenge-Daniel GraysonWinners and Losers From The Last 7 Days


REVENGE: Revenge is certainly proving sweet for ABC who’ve finally found a hit 10pm drama after a whole heap of misfires (The Whole Truth, Off The Map, Eastwick).

Revenge is still not a monster hit but anyone who knows anything about the TV industry can see when a phenomenon is brewing. Chat rooms and comment boards are filled with fans raving about the show, magazines are catching on (there’s a nice piece in this week’s Entertainment Weekly) and the show’s ratings are slowly inching up week by week.

This week’s episode of the Hamptons set soap opera pulled in 8.58 million viewers and a 3.0 18-49 share, Revenge’s highest demo score since the opening episode. And given that the show is getting better and better – and is fairly easy to pick up – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Revenge climbing above the 10 million mark in the very near future. Is the soap opera officially back?

THE BIG BANG THEORY: It’s been a good season for sitcoms with a mix of new hits (Suburgatory, 2 Broke Girls) and old (Two And A Half Men, Modern Family). But leader of the pack remains CBS’s Big Bang Theory – which this week posted a season high.

Thursday’s episode pulled in 15.98 million viewers and a terrific 5.4 18-49 share – the show’s best ever result on a Thursday night (remember Bang used to air on Mondays). That’s also better than Two And A Half Men (13.90 million / 4.7 18-49), which has been slipping since its record-breaking opening and ABC’s Modern Family (13.37 million, though its 5.7 18-49 share is better). A Big Bang indeed…

HOMELAND: I’ve been a fan of Showtime’s 24-style thriller since it started – though the show has definitely tested me at times (need to pick up the pace a bit guys!)

But Sunday night’s episode was terrific and probably the show’s best episode to date, so it’s heartening to see other viewers jumping on board the Claire Danes starrer.

Homeland’s been growing for a while now but this week the terrorist thriller managed 1.27 million viewers, gaining almost 200,000 viewers, to hit a season high. Sure the show’s 0.4 18-49 demo is nothing to shout out about but since Showtime doesn’t carry adverts this is less of a concern. The question now – will Homeland continue to grow in the weeks to come – or was this just a one week blip?



THE SING OFF: Everyone keeps complaining about The X Factor and how it’s not the second coming off American Idol – but you know what, the season’s real music flop is happening on Mondays on NBC!

The X Factor may not be the outright smash everyone was predicting, but 12 million viewers a time and Fox’s best 18-49 scores of the Fall are nothing to sniff at.

However the Nick Lachey hosted Sing Off has been a complete disaster on Mondays at 8pm. This week’s episode managed just 4.40 million viewers and a 1.4 18-49 share, terrible figures for a broadcast network, but sadly in line with what NBC are pulling in this season (we are witnessing the total collapse of the peacock net this season) The Sing Off used to perform well as a two week stunted Christmas special – but as a regular Fall series it just can’t compete. But to be honest who didn’t expect this result!

And to add insult to injury, NBC premiered Rock Center With Brian Williams at 10pm, replacing the Fall flop The Playboy Club. Unfortunately Rock Center performed even WORSE than the Club (though to be fair it costs a lot less), managing just 4.14 million and a paltry 1.0 youth share.

TERRA NOVA: Here’s another Monday failure we haven’t written about for a while…

Somehow Fox’s hugely expensive dinosaur extravaganza has been able to ride under the radar for a while, probably because the Fall season has seen much more obvious flops like Charlie’s Angels and Prime Suspect.

But though Terra Nova hung on okay for its first couple of weeks, the general momentum has been downwards, and this week’s episode pulled in a season low – 6.59 million viewers and a 2.1 18-49 share. To be fair Monday was Halloween and Terra Nova does attract a family audience – but even so, those figures make Terra Nova Fox’s lowest rated Monday-Thursday show and for a series this expensive and high profile that’s simply not good enough.

My prediction, Fox will undoubtedly air the remaining episodes in their first season order (13 have been filmed), but I’d be stunned if they re-upped for a second season.