Last Chance Driving School
It’s been a crazy start for me this year with a lot on my production plate – but finally the dust is starting to clear – and I have the pleasure of actually unveiling some of the projects I’ve been working on!

First up – and launching this weekend – is Last Chance Driving School, a new series I recently finished Executive Producing for A&E.

Last Chance Driving School is set at a Queens driving school run by husband and wife Sven and Maria Ruppaner, who actually met when Sven gave Maria driving lessons many years ago! The company is a family run business full of big characters and plenty of drama. Over the course of five episodes we take viewers inside the day to day running of the school – and behind the wheel as we follow a series of learner drivers in the process of taking their lessons – and their tests! Check out the trailer below highlighting three of our drivers – Irena, Johnny and Sabina…

YouTube Preview Image
I’ve been working on Last Chance Driving School (or LCDS as we came to know it!) for almost a year now – taking it from the pilot stage to series. The show is produced by a company called Firecracker Films who are behind the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series and are a thoroughly lovely bunch of people.

Best of all, Last Chance Driving School is a very real reality show. You all know I’m a big fan of authentic reality and I can hand on heart tell you that we worked very hard to make LCDS as genuine as possible. These are real drivers in real situations making real screw-ups! All of our learner drivers cars were rigged with multiple cameras and we were following behind in a crew vehicle – and I can tell you we had some seriously scary near misses. Looking at the edit I found myself flinching at how close some of our calls were. Trust me – I’d never want to be a driving instructor!

Our three main instructors for the show were Sven, Carlos and Pete. Sven is the boss of the company and a non-stop source of un-PC commentary and put downs; Carlos is the nice guy who comes unstuck when he comes upon our nightmare student Sabina; and then there’s Pete aka The Legend – who’s just reality TV gold. And wait until you meet the students: Selena – who suffers from a serious case of road rage; Sharron – a truly terrible driver (but an adorable person!) who can’t even steer straight; Jasmine – the nervous driver who ends up in the middle of a real life car crash; and Carla – the Brazilian spitfire who answers back to all our instructors.

If you’re a fan of Parking Wars I think you’re going to love Last Chance Driving School. The show is launching Saturday 14th April at 10pm EST on A&E with back to back episodes. So please spread the word and check it out – I’m seriously proud of the show and think you’ll find it very entertaining…

Let me know what you think everybody!