It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Ratings Roundups here on the site – my production work  has kept me plenty busy over the last few weeks! But in the meantime there’s been lots of ups and downs in the ratings world – so here’s who’s on top this week – and who’s struggling from the last 7 days…


GAME OF THRONES: It was a tough week for the broadcast networks – once again – so let’s head over to cable where the real action seems to he happening!

I’ve already commented on how crazy a night Sunday has become in the cable world – and the undisputed king seems to be Game Of Thrones, the bloodthirsty fantasy drama that’s truly found its ratings feet in Season 2.

Yes, for most Thrones’ first season the ratings hovered around the 2.5 million  mark, squeaking up to 3 million for the season 1 finale. But Season 2 has come back stronger than ever – AND rock steady.

For the first 3 episodes of Season 2, Game Of Thrones has pulled in 3.86, 3.76 and 3.77 million viewers respectively, topping the Sunday night ratings and proving to be HBO’s biggest hit since True Blood. Not surprisingly HBO have already renewed the show for Season 3 – but let’s face it, is there really any doubt that the network plan on turning all of George R.R. Martin’s Thrones books into series?

REVENGE: At last a sliver of good news for the broadcast networks and for fans of guilty pleasure TV.

Wednesday night saw the return of Revenge, pretty much my favorite show on TV at the moment. Unfortunately Revenge returned with a series low 2.3 18-49 rating.

So why’s it in our Winners column? Well the fact is pretty much EVERYTHING on the broadcast networks fell this week – and has in fact been falling for weeks now. From Modern Family to Bones to The Vampire Diaries this was a tough ratings week.

But despite its demo rating, Revenge actually gained viewers (to 7.77 million) – rating higher than the show’s last 5 episodes. And that was also after a 6-week hiatus, which traditionally kills the momentum of a show. Plus keep in mind that Revenge is a 10pm show, a timeslot which has become a real horror show for the networks recently. The ABC soap is rating better than many other 10pm series including Scandal, Law And Order SVU, Smash, Private Practice and GCB.

Now back from its break, Revenge has several weeks of uninterrupted episodes ahead of it – exactly as the show should be seen. Season 2 is all but a certainty – so what are you waiting for ABC? Make the announcement!


THE VOICE: Okay I’ll admit it – The Voice is by far NBC’s biggest show of this – or in fact many recent – seasons. It’s a solid 18-49 performer and attracts stacks of press coverage. So what’s the problem?

Well the fact is this was supposed to be the year of The Voice. The year that the reality upstart finally toppled the mighty American Idol. Except it just hasn’t happened. The problem? As I’ve said all along, The Voice is a show that falls apart beyond it’s initial Blind Auditions gimmick. Put simply it’s a flawed format.

Since it’s mighty, Superbowl boosted Season 2 launch, The Voice has been losing viewers week after week, down from 16 million an episode in February to just over 10 million a time now for the performance shows. And the results shows are faring even worse – Tuesday’s episode managed just 8.86 million viewers and a 3.3 18-49 share. That’s half of what a weakened American Idol is pulling in and actually lower than the much maligned X Factor. Maybe this Voice isn’t so loud after all…

GLEE: Speaking of heavily hyped underperformers, things aren’t going so well for Fox’s high school musical series.

On Tuesday night Glee clocked up its lowest ever ratings to date with just 6.23 million viewers and a 2.4 18-49 share. Hmm, could it be that Glee audiences don’t really care about a disco tribute episode!

The bigger problem for Glee of course is that it’s been on a downward spiral all season long. Despite non-stop press coverage the show is now firmly stuck in the 6-7 million zone and likely to fall even lower before the season is out. To put these falls in perspective, Glee actually came fourth in total viewers for its timeslot – beaten by NCIS (18.08 million), The Biggest Loser (6.96 million) and, yikes, Last Man Standing (6.51 million). And an hour later, Fox’s New Girl beat Glee in the demo (2.7 to 2.4).

Glee is safe for another season – but as I predicted a while back, I think season 4 is undoubtedly going to be the show’s last…

TOUCH: Darn it Kiefer! You gave up on the 24 movie for this!

Sadly, just as I predicted, Kiefer Sutherland’s return to TV hasn’t been the smash hit Fox expected it to be. Guess what, audience aren’t too interested in a show about a dad and his mute son. Let’s be honest, Touch isn’t exactly a bundle of fun!

Audiences certainly seem to be rejecting the premise. After debuting with almost 12 million viewers in early March, Touch has been on a fairly steady decline ever since. Thursday’s episode pulled in just 7.32 million viewers and a lowly 2.1 18-49 share. What’s more Touch is losing a huge chunk of its American Idol lead in – wasting an inheritance of 15 million viewers (which was actually a series low for Idol)

And time is running out for Touch with just a few weeks left in the season for the show to improve. Looks like Kiefer is chasing the clock once again!