666park avenue

The Fall TV season is finally here after a long, dry summer drought punctuated by paltry network offerings (Stars Earn Stripes, Take Me Out, The Choice). Normally I’d write a whole Coming Soon post taking a close look at each of the upcoming shows… but given that many of these new shows may not make it past a few weeks I figured I’d simple offer my snap judgments instead.

So here’s what I think it going to sink and swim over the next few months. Do you agree? Offer your own thoughts below…! Here we go…


The Neighbors: Get ready for Fall’s first cancelation. I previously described ABC’s alien ‘comedy’ The Neighbors as the worst shall of the Fall 2012 season. And I was being generous. The Neighbors is getting the old Suburgatory slot and will be delivering Modern Family a piss poor lead in the months to come. The only upside – the show won’t last long enough to do real damage!  MISS

666 Park Avenue: I love the premise and the casting for ABC’s spooky Sunday night drama following a couple who move into one seriously freaky Manhattan skyrise. But I’m worried that the show’s trailer contained so much bad CW style effects work – leading me to believe Park Avenue will be a toothless network horror offering. Can 666 scare up the same sort of shocks as True Blood and American Horror Story I wonder?  HIT

Nashville: Hey wasn’t this a failed Fox docu-soap a few seasons back? Sure was! That network fiasco only lasted two weeks but critics think THIS Nashville will have much longer legs. Essentially it’s Country Strong meets All About Eve with Horror Story’s Connie Britton facing off against newcomer Hayden Panettierre. The trailer sizzles and the show’s getting the old Revenge soap slot on Wednesday nights. Will lightning strike twice? I think it might!  HIT

Last Resort: Critics are also hailing The Last Resort, the new series from Shawn Ryan (The Shield) that follows a renegade submarine crew that sets up their own ‘nation’ after being betrayed by the US government. Personally I found the trailer somewhat of a mess – what is this thing, and how long can it sustain as a series? Plus Thursdays at 8pm on ABC have been a dead zone for action series recently – remember Charlie’s Angels and Missing? Could be this year’s Lone Star.  MISS



Elementary: I’ve already given my thoughts on the upcoming CBS retelling of the Sherlock Holmes legend, hailing it as one of my Top 10 Fall picks. I normally hate CBS procedurals but Elementary looks like one smart cookie and the casting is killer – the sparks just fly between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Both deserve a hit TV show and I think this will be it!  HIT

Vegas: The Vegas cast is golden – Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie Ann Moss and Jason O’Mara.  But do we really need another 60’s set series? It sure didn’t work out well for The Playboy Club or Pan Am last season. Plus I’m just not a fan of mobster series – so this tale of a Chicago gangster squaring off against a Vegas sheriff just doesn’t do much for me. Hasn’t Boardwalk Empire already trodden this territory?  MISS

Partners: I’m always up for more gay visibility on our screens and Partners, from the creators of Will And Grace, certainly comes with the right credentials. But this gay / straight bromantic comedy somehow feels a bit flat to me from its behind the scenes trailer with punchlines that thud when they should zing. Still Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie has undeniable comedy timing and I’m intrigued by the fallen Superman Brandon Routh. The big question is whether the staid CBS comedy will embrace a gay themed comedy?  MISS

partners-CBS show


The Mob Doctor: Brilliant Chicago surgeon has to balance her professional career with her family ties – and debts – to the mob. Sounds more like a movie to me and I’m certainly not a fan of medical procedurals. But The Mob Doctor’s lead in is Bones and the show is totally compatible with the long running Fox hit. I think it will do well enough…  HIT

Ben And Kate: The trailer made me smile a few times but this tale of a socially awkward brother who moves in with his sister to help raise her daughter has one of the biggest TV (and movie) clichés of the last decade – the overgrown man child!  And the fact that the show’s from the producers of the falling fast New Girl doesn’t inspire confidence… but we’ll see!  HIT (by Fox standards)

The Mindy Project: From a man-child to a girl who also won’t grow up. Yep it’s time for the second most overused character cliché! The Mindy Project has a terrible title – I mean seriously, it sounds like a working title – and the trailer is excruciating. Mindy is a doctor whose personal life is a mess. It’s Bridget Jones all over again – 10 years too late. Ugh!  MISS

The Mindy project


Revolution: JJ Abrams name is all over this one – but after Fringe, Alcatraz and Undercovers he’s not such a sure thing (though Person of Interest has ticked up nicely for CBS). Revolution’s high concept premise – what happens after the lights go out – is intriguing, but so were the premises of Flash Forward, The Event and Terra Nova. Expect a heavily watched, effects heavy opener – and then a ratings freefall.  MISS

The New Normal: The second gay themed series of the Fall has already been banned by a Utah network – which only makes me want to watch it even more! This story of a gay couple seeking a surrogate mom to help them start a family has a funny trailer and the star power of super producer Ryan Murphy. The downside – many of the trailer’s jokes border on racist stereotypes – yep that means you Nene Leakes – and as Murphy proved with Glee he often starts strong and then gets bored easily. That said short term I think this one’s a hit!  HIT

Animal Practice: I’m a huge animal lover but I can’t help but find NBC’s vet set comedy more creepy than funny. Maybe it’s the dressed up monkey (monkeys are never funny!) or the snarky, too cool for school characters (an NBC staple). The peacock network gave audiences a sneak peek of Practice during the Olympics and the results weren’t great… but then this is NBC where even 5 million qualifies as a smash! Plus co-star Tyler Labine (Sons of Tucson, Reaper, Mad Love) has to have a hit show eventually – doesn’t he? HIT (by NBC standards)

Chicago Fire: It’s been a few years since Third Watch so we’re probably overdue for another network firefighter series. Chicago is from Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame, looks expensive and features a hot looking cast. I suspect results will be solid, though unremarkable. HIT

Go On: Personally I’m already kind of bored of this Matthew Perry therapy comedy which feels like one of the most over-hyped shows of the Fall season. After Studio 60 and Mr Sunshine, Perry desperately needs a hit but on paper Go On just feels like Community with more tragedy! That said the trailer is amusing and an early sneak peek did pretty well during the Olympics. And once again the NBC bar is low!  HIT


Arrow: I never watched Smallville. I don’t follow Supernatural. And I passed on The Vampire Diaries. So I’m definitely not the audience for The CW’s latest superhero saga, Arrow, aimed squarely at the under 30 fantasy loving crowd. Arrow will likely do well for the network, especially as it leads into Supernatural. But then again wasn’t The Secret Circle a sure thing last season?  HIT

Beauty And The Beast: I can’t imagine that the world’s crying out for ANOTHER retelling of the hackneyed Beauty and the Beast legend – but The CW seems to think it is! On the plus side Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk brings CW style star power to the show and the series has the coveted post Vampire Diaries slot. On the downside remember the 2011 Vanessa Hudgens / Alex Pettyfer movie Beastly? Exactly. Could go either way.  MISS

Emily Owens, MD: Think of it as a slightly junior version of Grey’s Anatomy with a Bridget Jones-esque heroine played by Meryl’s daughter Mamie Gummer and Smallville’s Justin Hartley as her McDreamy. Problem is Mamie is 29 and Justin is 35 and I think the whole show is going to skew too old for The CW demo. Ringer was a great show last year that just didn’t fit with the network brand. This is its 2012 equivalent.  MISS