The Mob Doctors

The Fall 2012 TV season has barely started and already we have our first two casualties of the season!

Yep if you’re liking Fox’s The Mob Doctor and CBS’s Partners I wouldn’t get too attached to them as frankly they’re not long for this world!

The Mob Doctor launched last week with just 5.11 million viewers in week one, before slumping to 3.85 million this week. That’s so pitiful I wouldn’t be surprised to see the show axed before this posting goes live.

Then there’s Partners which has already exposed a mighty hole in the once formidable CBS Monday night line-up. The gay themed comedy (which I personally thought was pitiful) pulled in just 6.56 million viewers and a 2.4 18-49 share. To put that in perspective, How I Met Your Mother half an hour earlier scored 8.84 million (and a 3.6 share) and 2 Broke Girls straight after soared to 10.14 million (and a 3.7). Talk about a weak link! Hmm, maybe CBS shouldn’t have moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights after all?

Speaking bluntly, anyone who knows anything about TV knows both shows are already dead – it’s just a question of how much longer their networks will let them stay on the air. Lone Star lasted just two episodes last year – ironically in the same slot now occupied by The Mob Doctor. Fox has Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch on standby ready to reclaim his 24 slot while CBS has perennial sub Rules Of Engagement on the sidelines.

But what I want to know is – would you still watch a Dead Show Walking?

Personally if I know a show is in its death throes and it’s a new offering I’m out of there! I just can’t be bothered to invest my time in a series that has zero potential of going forward. And once I sense a show is slipping I’m also gone! When I saw that Flash Forward and The Event were both heading down I jumped ship. That said both shows also had major narrative flaws which made the decision easier!

Now I have exceptions. If a show is self contained than I’ll see it through to the end. For example, CBS’s Harpers Island – which I still maintain was network TV’s best stab at the horror genre to date – never got off the ground. But it was a summer show with a clear end point e.g. the reveal of the killer – so worth seeing through. And I stuck with Lipstick Jungle in season 2 even though it was obvious the end was nigh because a) I really liked the show and b) if I’ve made it to the second season of a show I’ll stick it out!

But I honestly don’t understand why anyone would bother with Mob Doctor and Partners now we already know they’ll soon be gone. Besides how can anyone be addicted to either show when they’ve only just started airing. And lest you think I’m being too hasty in judging best shows DOA – well let’s just see if either series is still on air by Sweeps!

Okay that’s what I think – but what about you? Do you watch shows you know are gonna be cancelled – and why? What makes you decide to stick a show out… comment away!