I’ve certainly got my fair share of things wrong here at Remote Patrolled!

I thought The Voice would bomb and didn’t hold out much hope for Once Upon A Time either. And of course I predicted The X Factor USA would be an American Idol style hit!

That said I’ve also been proven right many times – especially in my Coming Soon posts where my batting average is pretty darn good. Which brings me to the 2012 Fall TV Season and a little prediction I made about 18 months ago.

At the time I was writing about CBS whose Fall 2011 slate was as dreary as can be – an endless mix of procedurals and lame comedies (remember Rob!) But at the time CBS was riding high in the ratings – consistently number one in total viewers with monster hits like NCIS, Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. What did they care if their new shows were already feeling stale?

Well in the same piece I argued that the network was in real danger of becoming over-complacent. Its stable of hit shows were aging fast. Its audience was only getting older. And I didn’t see any real new hits on the way.

Well fast forward just over a year and guess what – CBS is actually in trouble this year!

Now to be sure it’s not all doom and gloom. The Big Bang Theory is TV’s number one comedy with almost 16 million viewers. NCIS is a ratings monster with 20 million viewers. 2 Broke Girls is holding strong on Monday nights. And Elementary launched strong with over 13 million.

But you don’t have to look far to see the problems. CBS show’s continue to pull in high ratings but they’re getting older and older audiences which are kryptonite to advertisers. Last week CSI, Person Of Interest, The Mentalist and Blue Bloods all pulled in over 10 million viewers each – and yet none could crack a 3.0 18-49 rating. The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-0 couldn’t even score above a 2.0! That’s bad.


Then there’s the network’s new shows. Partners was a bomb straight out of the gate with just 6.56 million viewers and a 2.4 18-49 share. It’s not long for this world. Made In Vegas fared even worse – its 1.1 youth demo is the lowest launch of the Fall season to date. And on Tuesday night Vegas launched with a massive 14.85 million viewers and yet scored virtually the same 18-49 demo (a 2.5) as The Mindy Project – which only had 4.64 million people watching!

CBS now has some major holes in its schedule. Sunday night is already a problem with The Good Wife and The Mentalist on their last legs. The Monday comedy block is way down without Two And A Half Men as an anchor and Hawaii Five-0 has collapsed this year. The Wednesday night combination of Survivor, Criminal Minds and CSI is steady but unremarkable. And the Friday night shows draw large audiences (except the aforementioned Made In Jersey) but atrocious demos – with Blue Bloods and CSI: New York both beaten by the steady as a rock Shark Tank!

If the execs at CBS are smart they’ll take a step back and realize they’ve coasted for way too long – and their problems this season are only going to get worse if they don’t make dramatic changes next year. But will they… let’s wait and see!