Check out the just released trailer for The Carrie Diaries – the Sex And The City prequel set to launch in January 2013.

As regular Remote Patrolled readers will know, I’m a big Sex And The City fan, and got into quite the fistfight when the second movie was released summer 2010 (I still contend the film was unfairly attacked by sexist male critics)

But I have to admit this trailer makes me nervous for the success of The Carrie Diaries – and here’s 3 reasons why:

1) Where’s The Comedy: I see a lot of talk and wish fulfillment in the Carrie Diaries trailer but a worrying lack of laughs – and let’s not forget that at its heart Sex And The City was frequently laugh out loud funny. Sorry but 80′s fashions / music don’t automatically mean comedy – that theme was well and truly mined years ago. Plus it bugs me that Carrie’s New York adventure looks like it’s going to be one dream come true after another. Where’s the comedy through adversity? I don’t want everything handed to Carrie on a plate.

2) No Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte: Sure Sarah Jessica Parker was the star of Sex And The City, but let’s be honest it was always a four-hander of a show. Charlotte brought the heart, Miranda the cynicism and Samantha the outrageousness! In a lot of ways Carrie was the straight woman of the bunch. So I question how exciting The Carrie Diaries is really going to be in the absence of the Fab Three providing much needed support.

3) Girlie Shows Aren’t Working On The CW: Finally what’s working on The CW at the moment? Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural. What isn’t – Gossip Girl, 90210, Hart Of Dixie and Emily Owens, MD. Sure the former all star easy-on-the-eyes guys but they’re definitely as male friendly as they are female viewing. Will guys tune in for The Carrie Diaries? Nope. Does Sex And The City mean anything to your average 18 year old girl? I doubt it? And what happened the last time The CW tried to resurrect a popular adult series? Melrose Place. Exactly!

Look, I’m sure gonna give The Carrie Diaries a try and there’s doubtless a lot more to the show than this 3 minute preview suggests but I guess I was just hoping for MORE!

But what do you think? Is The Carrie Diaries a good or bad idea? Will you be watching?

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