The Old Navy nostalgia fest continues…

Hot on the heels of the brand’s 90210 inspired commercials – and their Backstreet Boys campaign – the day glo clothing company have now reunited The Griswolds for their holiday advertising campaign. For anyone under the age of 30 the Grisworlds were the stars of the National Lampoon Vacations movies – Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation and Vegas Vacation (plus a DVD spin off that nobody really watched)

There’s Beverly D’Angelo (Ellen Griswald), Dana Barron (the original Audrey, later replaced by Dana Hill), Anthony Michael Hall (the original Rusty) and Jason Lively (‘Euro’ Rusty from the sequel)

And of course… Chevy Chase!

Yep, the Community star who recently argued that sitcoms were the lowest form of entertainment before quitting his role on Community clearly has no problem selling out for a corporate clothing company in a series of not especially funny adverts. Ah the power of the mighty dollar. No wonder people think Chase is an asshole!  That said this isn’t the first time the Vacation clan have shilled for a product – Chevy and Beverly also featured in a 2010 Superbowl ad…

Personally I’m just waiting for the inevitable Clueless and Melrose Place campaigns! You just know they’re coming don’t you…

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