Nurse Jackie-Season5

Here it is, the first official trailer for Nurse Jackie, season 5.

This time around Jackie is clean and sober, newly divorced and even actually dating. Plus she even smiles in the trailer…!

Personally I found season 4 a big improvement on the wobbly season 3. Having Jackie come clean about her drug problems and head to rehab was essential for Nurse Jackie’s momentum. Plus killing off Bobby Cannavale’s drug addicted son gave the show a much needed boost of reality – and a wake up call to Jackie herself.

Cannavale pops up in the trailer – very briefly – along with a couple of new staff members, an army doc and a preppy new doc who catches Coop’s eye. Plus there’s plenty of Zoey – hopefully minus that dull fiance – and Akalitus is back barking orders at All Saints’ Hospital.

Nurse Jackie season 5 kicks off April 14th at 9pm on Showtime. Will you be watching?

YouTube Preview Image