Devious Divas-Lifetime

The summer TV season is about to start – and it looks like there are a couple of potential gems on the way this time around.

Check out the first teaser for Devious Maids, the new Lifetime series that follows 5 maids working for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Done right this could be my new TV addiction. I just love the tagline, ‘keep your friends close – and your maids closer!’

Devious Maids starts with a murder, as a maid is killed at the home of her employer during a high society event. Her five friends turn amateur sleuths to solve the case, while juggling their own domestic dramas and emotionally unstable bosses!

Do the title and style of the show sound familiar? That’s probably because Maids hails from the mind of Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. The show is based on a Mexican soap opera and heavily influenced by Housewives (in fact one of the maids even appeared in the Housewives finale as her character Carmen)

So why isn’t the series airing on ABC? Great question. The pilot was actually produced for the network who passed – allowing Lifetime to snap up the series.

Big mistake in my opinion. Cherry’s track record on Housewives alone should have made the show a sure thing. Plus Maids is Exec Produced by Eva Longoria. Why would ABC pass on the show and allow obvious flops like Zero Hour to air instead. Sure Desperate Housewives ran out of steam towards the end of its run but for it’s first 5 years the show was fantastic, groundbreaking and most of all – a smash hit.

Anyway ABC’s lost is Lifetime’s gain and I have a feeling the alphabet network may soon regret their decision if the ratings deliver as I suspect they will.

Devious Maids premieres 23rd June at 10pm EST on Lifetime… so will you be watching?