Chiller 13- Richard Drew

Uh-oh, they’re letting me back onto our TV screens again…

Check me out on Chiller 13: Great American Slashers on Sunday 8th July at 8pm EST on the Chiller network.

As you may know my company Savannah Media has been working with Chiller for quite a while now, via our 2012 summer special, Can You Survive A Horror Movie.

 Earlier in the year I appeared on another Chiller show – Chiller 13: Most Horrifying Hook Ups. And now I’m back, this time to talk slasher icons along with my Can You Survive hosts Anthony, Annie and Morgan as well as horror stars including Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert Englund (yep, Freddy himself!)

As someone who grew up on horror movies and is a huge fan of the genre I’ve certainly got plenty to say on this topic. I have to admit I’ve seen every single Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday 13th… yep even the REALLY bad ones!

So who is the number one Great American Slasher? Find out next Saturday – only on Chiller