It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a show I can wholeheartedly recommend here at Remote Patrolled…check out my thoughts soon on this summer’s offerings including Devious Maids and Under The Dome.

But there’s one series I can definitely give the thumbs up too – Scandal.

Yep, I know – it’s two seasons old already. What can I say – I was late to the party. After hearing everyone rave about Scandal over the last year I can now see what all the fuss is about. It really is THAT good!

In case you, like me, are a little in the dark on Scandal – here’s the basic gist. The show revolves around PR queen Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a fast talking, supremely confident and extremely good at her job crisis handler who helps make people’s problems go away. Olivia is surrounded by a similarly effective team of memorable characters including Harrison, a super-smart lawyer who’s fiercely loyal to her; Abby, an investigator with a fabulously sarcastic streak; Quinn, the team newbie who’s been living under a secret identity; and best of the bunch, Huck, a damaged soldier who does Olivia’s dirty work and hates that he sometimes enjoys it.

But that’s just part of the story. Olivia is also having a not-so-secret affair with the President of the United States (the still sexy Tony Goldwyn) much to the dismay of the power hungry First Lady and his determined Chief of Staff, Cyrus. Also along for the ride is inquisitive Assistant US Attorney David who acts as both a friend and a thorn in the side to Olivia.

Each week Scandal provides a new case for Olivia and her team to crack – giving us a fascinating insight into how the world of crisis managment works. But the show also has several continuing narrative arcs – all of which make the show a LOT more interesting than your standard procedural. Can Olivia and President Fitz ever be together and happy? What’s really up with Quinn? And is Huck on the verge of falling apart?

Scandal- Olivia & Fitz

As everyone knows Scandal is the brainchild of Grey’s Anatomy queen Shonda Rhimes and her fingerprints are all over the show from the whipcrack dialogue to the diverse and multilayered cast. I love that Chief of Staff Cyrus is a married out gay man and seemingly good guy who has no qualms ordering a hit when Fitz’s Presidency is threatened. Similarly Fitz himself is also both virtuous and kind of a bastard at times. And Olivia often finds herself doing some pretty terrible things in order to achieve her goals.

In my experience PR people are some of the biggest jokes in the media world – hopelessly corporate paper pushers without an iota of creativity who love to spend their client’s money. But Scandal actually gives the industry some credibility – even though it’s obviously a totally extreme version of the world!

Then there’s Kerry Washington who holds the whole enterprise together. Shockingly she’s the first African American actress to anchor a network drama series in almost 40 years. Stunning – and sad. Washington is terrific in Scandal and lights up every scene she’s in, whether she’s verbally jousting with Cyrus, bluntly advising a client or sparking off Fitz (the two have chemistry through the roof!) Let’s hope Emmy is paying attention this Fall.

Over the last few months Scandal has become a major ratings draw for ABC and now rates as the network’s number 2 drama, just behind Grey’s Anatomy, which it occasionally beats. I can see why. Unlike Revenge which struggled mightily in Season 2, Scandal only grows more confident and crazy as the season progresses. I have a feeling the show is going to go through the roof come the Fall as word of mouth continues to spread.

So if you’re not watching Scandal yet – what are you waiting for? It’s a great summer catch up series and one watch and you’ll be hooked. Trust me!