The summer TV drought is coming to an end and the Fall TV season is just around the corner… which means it’s time for some Snap Judgments!

This time last year I predicted Nashville, Elementary, Chicago Fire and Arrow would stick around for another season, while The Last Resort, Vegas, Partners and Emily Owens, MD would all flop. . Right on every count!

Of course I also thought 666 Park Avenue, Go On and The Mob Doctor would do great… yikes!

Oh well – here are my thoughts on the season to come. Take a read and share your thoughts in the comments section below…


BETRAYAL: ABC is clearly hoping for the next Revenge with this twisted tale of adultery that’s premiering after the Hamptons soap on a Sunday night. The trailer is great and the fact that Betrayal is a limited run, 13 episode series, will hopefully mean it won’t suffer the same narrative problems as Revenge. But 666 Park Avenue and Red Widow both bombed in the same time slot and I worry the generic sounding Betrayal won’t be on anyone’s radar. Then again I thought the under-the-radar Revenge would suffer the same fate 2 years ago. MISS

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D: I know everyone is expecting this Marvel spin off from The Avengers to be the biggest TV show ever… and I have no doubt it will launch huge. But in weeks to come I’m not so sure. Remember Terra Nova. Sometimes too much hype is a dangerous thing. People go to the movies for a reason and TV is a very different medium. Plus S.H.I.E.L.D. is going up against N.C.I.S. the number one show on TV. So don’t assume it’s a sure thing! HIT (at least to begin with)

THE GOLDBERGS: As every critic has already pointed out – this one’s essentially The Wonders Years set in the 80’s, so get ready for a non stop barrage of pop culture references that will probably wear very thin by week 5. Still The Goldbergs has a good trailer and buzz, the 80’s angle freshens up the stale sitcom family format and heck, it’s airing after Agents… I say HIT

TROPHY WIFE: Malin Ackerman stars as the sexy third wife to Bradley Whitford, while Marcia Gay Harden plays one of Bradley’s exes. The trailer zings. If its lead in The Goldbergs doesn’t squander the S.H.I.E.L.D. audience this could be a HIT


LUCKY 7: The cast are virtual unknowns. The premise has failed before (remember 2006’s Luke Perry starrer Windfall). And it’s up against Person of Interest and Chicago Fire. Yet Lucky 7 is one of the few shows of the new Fall season that I actually want to see. Based on the Brit series, The Syndicate, 7 follows a group of lottery winners whose lives are turned upside down by their win. The trailer intrigued me and buzz has been good so we’ll see… Likely a MISS but I’m hoping for a HIT!

BACK IN THE GAME: ABC have long struggled to find the missing pieces in their Weds night comedy puzzle after a couple of years of misfires. This one’s about a divorced mom who moves back in with her overbearing dad (James Caan) and ends up coaching a kid’s baseball team of misfits. It’s middle America enough to work for The Middle’s audience but there’s a hint of edge for the Modern Family crowd. Not really my kind of show but could I could see it blossom into a HIT

SUPER FUN NIGHT: On paper this one should be a smash. Post Pitch Perfect, Star Rebel Wilson is hotter than ever. But the production was anything but Super Fun – the show was originally developed for last Fall on CBS, who ultimately passed before ABC took the series on and retooled it. Most worryingly, critical notices on the pilot have not been great with many arguing Wilson and the show are one-note. Still Super Fun Night airs after Modern Family which has to count for something – not that that helped How To Live With Your Parents or Happy Endings of course. I suspect this may turn out to be a high profile MISS 

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND: If only this show had come out a year earlier! Way back in the Fall of 2011, Once Upon A Time was a big old hit for ABC, pulling in audiences in excess of 10 million on a regular basis. But fast-forward to Spring 2013 and the show is clearly well past its peak – it hasn’t scored above the 8 million mark since January. Spin off Wonderland also has the tough task of kicking off Thursday nights at 8pm for ABC… the cursed time slot that killed off Last Resort, Zero Hour, Missing and Charlie’s Angels. The show’s brand should at least guarantee a decent launch but don’t count on a second season. MISS



HOSTAGES: The premise is great – the family of a doctor are taken hostage by a rogue FBI agent and she’s ordered to assassinate the President to keep them alive. The cast is terrific – Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette, Tate Donovan – all of whom have done great TV work over the last few years. And hit factory Jerry Bruckheimer is producing. I just wonder how the heck they keep the show going beyond 13 episodes. But hey, I’m always happy when CBS ditches the procedurals and tries something different. I think this one’s a HIT.

WE ARE MEN: Ugh. More Peter Pan men having a mid-life crisis! This one stars the likes of Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell and Kal Penn as single men living in an apartment complex and picking up girls. Even the title is stale. MISS

MOM: Another generic title – seriously can’t anyone at CBS brainstorm good show titles – but at least this one has a killer cast, Allison Janney (who’s always terrific) and Anna Faris (who was born to do sitcoms) play a former junkie and her recovering alcoholic daughter – all for laughs of course! The show’s produced by Chuck Lorre and airs Monday night at 9.30pm. Of course it’s a HIT

Mom - TV Show- CBS

THE MILLERS: Critics are already hating on this sitcom which apparently wastes the talents of Americans favorite Margo Martindale and cult fave Will Arnett on a succession of fart jokes and crude punchlines (I’m personally so over ‘old people saying rude stuff’ as a source of comedy!) Airing after The Big Bang Theory should help but I have a feeling The Millers will get lost in the Fall shuffle. MISS

THE CRAZY ONES: I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer and James Wolk was pretty much the best thing about Mad Men last season. But I can only take so much of Robin Williams trademark comedic desperation. I honestly find him exhausting to watch. So for me this show lives on dies on how ‘controlled’ Williams is. Still buzz is great for the show and CBS are confident they have a big hit on their hands – remember this is Williams’ first TV show in decades. That has to count for something! HIT


SLEEPY HOLLOW: I guess Fox are hoping they’ve landed the next Grimm (Or Once Upon A Time) in this fantasy themed show that transports Ichabod Crane to the year 2040 to fight the Headless Horseman. Unfortunately Hollow just looks horribly cheesy to me and I think the premise is going to get real old, real quick! MISS

DADS: Aka the Seth McFarlane show that’s already being lambasted for its racist pilot! I can’t stand McFarlane’s brand of frat boy humor so this one’s definitely not for me. But millions of people lapped up the excruciating Ted do what do I know! Still I think this one’s a MISS

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: I have to admit I’m a little immune to the charms of Andy Samberg and his Adam Sandler style man-child shtick so this one’s not on my must see list. Samberg plays a laid back detective saddled with a new by the book boss (Andre Braugher, turning to comedy) – a plot that sounds like pretty much every buddy cop movie since forever. Brooklyn is being paired with Dads for a full hour of douchery, leading into the more female comedies New Girl and The Mindy Project. But won’t young guys be watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesdays at 8pm instead? MISS


ENLISTED: I’m Twitter pals with ex-Suburgatory actor Parker Young so hope this show does well for him. And I have to say the trailer for this military comedy is a lot more fun than I was expecting. But Friday nights at 9.30pm on Fox is one hell of a time slot. Then again the slot could serve as cover for a cult series. The one really could go either way but given that even Reba couldn’t make Friday nights work I sadly suspect it will be a MISS.

ALMOST HUMAN: Wow – if my predictions are correct it’s going to be a miserable Fall for Fox! Surely one of their shows has to click, right? If so my money’s on Almost Human, the latest sci-fi offering from geek God J.J. Abrams. Abrams has had a mixed track record on TV (Undercovers and Alcatraz flopped, Fringe got by on cult goodwill despite terrible ratings, Revolution is heading for a rocky Fall without its Voice lead in and Person of Interest is huge). My instinct is saying this futuristic robot-human cop saga will do decent numbers for Fox – but sci-fi traditionally has a tough time on broadcast TV. I’ll say HIT for now, but only because Fox needs at least some goodwill this season!


The CW

THE ORIGINALS: It’s a spin off from The Vampire Diaries. It will do well – enough. Remember this is the network that kept 90210 on the air for 5 years! HIT

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: It’s more hot guys and girls with super powers! Based on the cult UK series, Tomorrow People looks kind of like a teen Avengers. But hey this is the brand that The CW excels at. Tomorrow People follows Arrow on Wednesdays at 9pm which helps. And there’s bonus points for the fact that lead actor Robbie Amell is the cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell… what’s up with that family’s genes! HIT


REIGN: It’s a historical drama given The CW treatment! Reign follows the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots in 16th century France. Cue plenty of hot princes and princesses and a pounding 2013 soundtrack. To be honest it looks a tad ridiculous to me and I suspect audiences used to the adult dramas of Game of Thrones may find it a tad infantile. Plus The CW struggles with female centric programming. MISS


THE BLACKLIST: NBC is super excited about this procedural, featuring a former mob boss giving up his secrets to the FBI. Critics loved the pilot and the show has bumped Revolution from its cosy post Voice, Monday at 10pm slot – prime real estate on the NBC schedule. It’s not my kind of show but I think it will do well enough – by NBC standards at least. HIT

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY: When the son and daughter of two Latino and Caucasian families fall in love and get pregnant… well you can just see the culture clashes coming. Family stars Glee dad Mike O’Malley and ex-Desperate Housewives Ricardo Chavira as the clashing fathers and the trailer is okay – not bad, but also nothing you haven’t seen dozens of times before. Biggest problem – the show is airing after the horribly rated Parks and Recreation and leads into Sean Saves The World…so for that reason I’m saying MISS

Welcome to the Family

SEAN SAVES THE WORLD: I loved Sean Hayes in Will and Grace but hated his guest appearance in Smash earlier in the year… so which Sean will turn up to Save The World? Well from the excruciating trailer and terrible word of mouth it looks like the latter. Hayes plays a gay single dad to a teen daughter and seems to be mugging through every scene. The jokes are just feeble. If NBC couldn’t even turn the snappy New Normal into a hit what chance does this show have? Partners v2.0. MISS

THE MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW: NBC are betting the house on this one and who can blame them. Everyone likes and roots for Fox, the trailer is funny and it’s got great buzz. The problem – it’s inheriting an audience from Sean Saves The World and NBC hasn’t been Must See TV on Thursdays for years. Can one show reverse the trend? Maybe… HIT

The Michael J. Fox Show

DRACULA: Horror is hot – though you could argue the vampire trend is well and truly over (ditto zombies at this stage). And Fridays at 10pm is a deathly slot. But this new take on the vampire legend does inherit a Grimm audience and I’ll certainly be giving the show a look. At least Dracula isn’t another indentikit cop / lawyer / medical procedural. I have a sneaking suspicion this one could be a HIT.

IRONSIDE: Talking of generic… shows don’t come much more formulaic than this remake of the 1960’s Raymond Burr cop show. This times Blair Underwood is the wheelchair bound cop with a hand picked team helping him solve crimes. I barely made it through the three-minute teaser without falling asleep. Prime Suspect wasn’t a hit, so why’s this one going to work? MISS