The 2013 Fall TV season is now in full swing and already this year’s batch of new comedies are struggling. Once again not a single new show is setting the ratings alight and Tuesday nights on Fox and Thursdays on NBC have become an absolute death zone.

Sadly ABC’s The Goldbergs isn’t doing a huge heap better – but it’s the first TV show of the Fall season that I can give an unqualified thumbs up to! 

I’ll admit, a few weeks ago, The Goldbergs was certainly not on my radar. The show looked like a Wonder Years knock off with an 80’s setting and I was expecting a non-stop barrage of pop culture gags revolving around Rubik cubes, leg warmers and shoulder pads.

But thankfully The Goldbergs is actually much more than that a one note premise. For starters it’s funny. Really funny actually. Sure the show is nothing new – it’s your standard family sitcom, but the writing is super sharp and the cast definitely know how to sell a joke.

I especially love Bridesmaids co-star Wendi McLendon-Covey as over-bearing mom Beverly and eldest son Barry who is fantastically whiny and deluded. Credit also goes to George Segal as the most charming granddad on TV who also delivered the line of the season (‘where the fuck was the mouse?’ – it’ll make sense if you saw the show!)

As the weeks go by The Goldbergs is really finding its feet and its pace. Plus it’s more than just a series of punch-lines. The ABC show has that secret ingredient that’s impossible to replicate and which no other new sitcom this season possesses. Charm. Yep, it’s that indescribable ‘magic’ which all the best shows have and which you just can’t manufacture. You either have it – or you don’t.

In a lot of ways The Goldbergs reminds me of Modern Family with its ability to knock out snide and sarcastic jokes but then instantly flip into sweetness. The Goldbergs are almost always arguing – and shouting – but the family’s love also jumps off the screen. Like all good sitcoms it delivers messages without becoming corny or sickly… so far. In fact if ABC were smart they’d be rescheduling the show straight after Modern Family in place of the obnoxious Super Fun Night (aka the show that wastes Rebel Wilson’s talents). Together the two could make a great Wednesday night pairing.

Still I have a feeling even without a reshuffle The Goldbergs will be around for a while. Word of mouth is starting to spread and the show has now started climbing in the ratings (it’s also rumored to be a favorite among the ABC bosses).

I hope it sticks around. The Goldbergs shows a lot of promise. So if you haven’t watched yet… check it out!