What a season it’s been for American Idol so far this year!

How so? Well aside from a scene featuring a contestant falling off the stage, Season 11 of the long running music competition show has been notable for one key factor – it’s almost total lack of buzz!

So far this season there hasn’t been a single contestant who’s made headlines in the way that the likes of Pia and Casey did last year, or even a terrible contestant like William Hung did several seasons ago.

The fact is NO ONE is talking about Idol this year, and this total lack of buzz is reflected in the show’s ratings. Put simply, Idol is in freefall.

I’ve already commented on Idol’s 2012 slippage in an earlier post back in January, but since then Idol has only fallen further. On Thursday night last week, Idol pulled in ‘just’ 15.64 million viewers and a 4.5 18-49 share. Wow!