Why Life On Wisteria Lane Has Become A True Soap Opera

It’s the showbiz catfight everyone is talking about – did Desperate Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry really slap his former star, Nicolette Sheridan, across the face during her time on the show?

Sheridan is taking Cherry and ABC to court in a $20 million lawsuit and suddenly everyone is caught in the crossfire, most notably Nicolette’s Wisteria Lane co-stars who clearly don’t want to criticize their boss, but also doubtless feel loyalty to their former colleague. Today’s Daily Beast has an article looking at the truth behind the claims – albeit mostly from anonymous staffers . Doubtless this story is just getting started and will play out in even more detail over the coming weeks. Maybe it’ll even lift the show’s ratings – which could definitely do with a boost this season (although personally I think the show has done a remarkable job of keeping up the quality over the years).