He’s currently on our screens fighting hordes of zombies in World War Z – which is a terrific movie by the way – but 25 years ago Brad Pitt was just another young actor trying to make his mark in Hollywood. Yep, it’s Before They Were Big time again!

Years before Brangelina, Troy, 12 Monkeys, Benjamin Button and Seven – Brad’s resume consisted mainly of TV bit parts. He enjoyed a two-episode stint on the NBC soap Another World and the ABC sitcom Growing Pains.  Later he would also appear on Freddy’s Nightmares, the show that pretty much killed off the Nightmare on Elm Street movies!

But it’s Brad’s appearance in Dallas that often gets the most attention from those early years. And here he is – playing an ‘idiot boyfriend’ called Randy who sleeps with Charlie Wade, the on screen daughter of Priscilla Presley’s character Jenna Wade. Ahh – the 80’s!