So it looks like we’re one step closer to finalizing the line-up for this year’s X Factor USA. Numerous news outlets are now reporting as fact that Britney Spears will be joining Simon Cowell, L.A.Reid and a still to be announced fourth judge come the Fall on this year’s X Factor judging panel. But will Britney’s appearance be enough to win over viewers?

Short answer – yes! Look having Britney on the X Factor can hardly hurt the show any worse than the combination of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger already have! I’ve made my feelings on X Factor season 1 well known here on the site, but in short I thought the first US series of the long running Brit hit was a rare fumble from Simon Cowell. The outspoken Brit had 18 months to secure a top team for his pivotal music competition series – and yet the best he could manage was an early 90’s pop star who hadn’t scored a hit in almost 2 decades and a former girl band singer whose solo career had failed repeatedly around the world.

The fact that The X Factor actually achieved even halfway decent ratings was a testament to the power of Cowell More >