This week I read an interesting story on the industry website TV News Check. The basic thrust – Fox are considering a new plan whereby they would air original episodes of shows ALL year round – with NO repeats?

The reasoning is simple. Ratings for all 5 of the broadcast networks have been falling – hard! CBS has remained fairly stable but NBC, ABC and Fox are all in a downward spiral – just look at how low the bar for series renewals has become recently. Nashville and Revenge will probably get more series even though they’re both currently scoring around a 1.7 in the 18-49 demo. NBC will probably bring back Parks and Recreation which scores around 3 million viewers a week. In years past all of these shows would have been cancelled by now.

Meanwhile cable is booming. Shows like Breaking Bad, American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy attract major buzz and regularly out-rate everything on The CW – and often NBC. And then there are the big guns – Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Walking Dead and pretty much all the USA and TNT dramas – that totally dominate their network counterparts. Add in the juiced up More >