I’ve certainly got my fair share of things wrong here at Remote Patrolled!

I thought The Voice would bomb and didn’t hold out much hope for Once Upon A Time either. And of course I predicted The X Factor USA would be an American Idol style hit!

That said I’ve also been proven right many times – especially in my Coming Soon posts where my batting average is pretty darn good. Which brings me to the 2012 Fall TV Season and a little prediction I made about 18 months ago.

At the time I was writing about CBS whose Fall 2011 slate was as dreary as can be – an endless mix of procedurals and lame comedies (remember Rob!) But at the time CBS was riding high in the ratings – consistently number one in total viewers with monster hits like NCIS, Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. What did they care if their new shows were already feeling stale?

Well in the same piece I argued that the network was in real danger of becoming over-complacent. Its stable of hit shows were aging fast. Its audience was only getting older. And I didn’t see any real new hits on the way.


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