So have you checked out this week’s Entertainment Weekly, with it’s Coming Out In Hollywood cover?

Times sure have changed… I remember when EW ran a ‘Gay Edition’ about a decade ago to coincide with the success of Will And Grace – in the process receiving a whole batch of angry letters and cancelled subscriptions!

The subject of this week’s main article is fairly simple – basically contrasting the hoopla that surrounded Ellen DeGeneres when she came out in 1997, and the total non-reaction when Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons quietly announced he was gay a couple of weeks ago (or rather he allowed a newspaper article to define his sexuality).

The piece itself is heartening but what I find most interesting is how many of the celebrities mentioned in the article work predominantly in TV. Alongside Ellen and Parsons there’s Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Cohen, Jane Lynch, Matt Bomer, Chris Colfer, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jillian Michaels (who I didn’t actually know was now ‘officially’ out) and many more.

There was plenty of ‘TV’ names on the list – but boy was there a lack of movie ‘stars’ in there. In fact there was pretty much none! Not surprising when More >