Why British and American TV Are Worlds Apart… Part 1!

As a British TV Producer living and working in America for the last 5 years I’m often asked by people how British TV differs from it’s American cousin. Are they really so dissimilar? Which is better? And do I prefer working in the former of the latter?

Now this is a question with a very long answer – and a topic I’ll be coming back to again and again in the future (this is Part 1 remember!) Trust me, defining the differences between British drama, reality and comedy – to name just a few topics – is a very big discussion!

Today I’m going to kick off with what I see as one of the biggest differences. But before I offer my thoughts I’ll admit to a bit of bias going in…

There are a lot of things I love about British TV, but I have to be honest I have had and probably always will have a bit of a love affair with American TV. I grew up watching Dynasty in the 80’s, was hooked on 90210 and Melrose Place through my college years and in the noughties fell for the likes of 24, The West More >