We’ve all been there. You’re at a dinner party of gathering and introduced to a new acquaintance. As the conversation develops you rattle through a list of topics – food, movies, music, TV… and that’s when your new ‘friend’ drops the bombshell. You ask if they’re following Game of Thrones or the new season of Mad Men.  They reply, ‘I don’t have a TV’, acting as though this is a point of social pride.

Okay so the scenario doesn’t always play out quite like that. Sometimes people will say they ‘don’t watch much TV’ or ‘don’t have time for TV’ – but the insinuation is still the same. These are busy people leading busy lives and don’t have time for all that trash on TV. After all they’re far too cultured to waste their time on that grubby little device. Ugh!

Okay I’m exaggerating. Some people genuinely don’t watch much TV. But have you noticed how people always seem embarrassed to admit they do watch TV, as though it’s some great social vice that reflects badly on their character! To that I say ‘get over yourselves!’ You’re not that busy and frankly you’re not that interesting!