What a long, dry summer of TV it’s been!

Fact is, if you’re not a Breaking Bad / Dexter fan this summer’s network and cable offerings were a bit of a TV wasteland. A million people gave up on True Blood (I didn’t get past the season opener); the TV movie-esque Under The Dome was the season’s top show and too many networks saved their best offerings for the Fall which means my DVR is literally going to explode in the coming weeks!

So I’ve spent the summer catching up on a couple of key shows. First up was Scandal which was EVERY bit as good as everyone says it is. I’m literally salivating at the prospect of Season 3. If you haven’t seen the show yet, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and start watching. That’s an order!

And then there’s Orphan Black, a critically acclaimed curio that aired on BBC America in the Spring and yet doesn’t seem to have really permeated the pop culture-sphere quite yet. Honestly I can’t tell you how many TV savvy people I’ve mentioned the show to who haven’t heard of the series. And that’s a shame as the show is definitely worth a look.


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