It’s hardly a summer smash and boy, is it derivative. But I have to be honest – I’m rather enjoying NBC’s latest Survivor style reality show, Get Out Alive.

Okay the full title is Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls. And we all know this show would never exist if former Discovery star Grylls wasn’t on board. After falling out with his previous network over a contractual dispute (and trust me I know all about those!) Grylls was snapped up by NBC. Smart move in my book. Grylls is charming, likeable and of course a total tough guy. I love that Get Out Alive’s opener ended with Bear skydiving out of a plane. We’re definitely not talking Ryan Seacrest metrosexuality here…

Format wise there’s nothing special about Get Out Alive. It’s a total Survivor copycat, just like last year’s Expedition Impossible and this summer’s 72 Hours on TNT. Ten couples compete to ‘survive’ in the wilds of New Zealand and each week the ‘weakest’ couple is sent home by Grylls (with perhaps the most cumbersome and wordy send off in recent reality history!)

Yep, it’s utterly derivate. But Get Out Alive is glossy, well produced and entertaining – and this summer that’ll do More >