Obviously Glee is not overexposed in the least at the moment… and the show’s cast clearly need all the publicity they can get!

So it’s not surprising to see the Glee kids have been named as the official spokespeople for Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out – an annual event that encourages people to shop with celebrities, drink and party.

And in true Glee fashion they’ve even gone and shot a video for the event – taking on David Bowie’s Fashion – with Lea Michele on lead vocals (of course)

Rachel, Blaine and Mike get most of the screen time, Quinn sports a new shorter cut and for some reason Sam is tagging along for the ride, even though he’s no longer part of the show and probably persona non grata with Ryan Murphy! And where the heck are Mercedes and Santana???

It’s all for a good cause and should be commended – but if you were the Glee PR team, wouldn’t you want the cast doing a bit less press at the moment?

Just a thought…