Here it is, for all you Gossip Girl fans out there – this is the first look at the forthcoming Season Four – set in fashionable France (at least for the first few episodes)

I’m not a GG follower and have only a passing acquaintance with the show. After trying to get into the revamped 90210 a couple of years ago I realized I just couldn’t care less about the love lives of teen girls and their hot boyfriends. But I’m aware of the major Gossip story lines – and of course we posted last season’s big cliffhanger, as Chuck was shot on the streets of Prague.

Bizarrely all that Season 3 drama seems to have been forgotten in the new trailer in favor of love affairs, shopping and the girls’ disturbingly thin legs – check them out around the 7 second mark! (Well done CW you’re two for two on the body dis-morphia front following the recent Top Model trailer debacle)

To be honest I am rather surprised Gossip Girl is still on air given that The CW has pumped millions of dollars into pushing the show and it’s never really taken off in a big way, hovering around the 2 million viewers mark More >