Sometimes it’s easy to get depressed about the current state of TV.

When tanned and teenage ‘beauties’ are given their own reality shows yet Glenn Close’s Damages is on the verge of cancellation. When networks announce their Fall slates with yet more cop shows, legal series and suburban sitcoms. And when networks take a successful idea – such as a simple show about a cake shop – and copycat it to death… (do we really need any more cupcake and baking shows? Really?)

But though the glass sometimes looks half empty I think it’s important to look on the bright side. I strongly believe we live in a golden age of TV – and honestly I wouldn’t write about TV, or even work in the industry, if I didn’t feel that way.

So in a spirit of optimism – and as a pure celebration of the boob tube – here’s just a few of the reasons I love TV today…