After months of hype, cast catfights and great expectations, American Idol is back for a 12th season? So will you be watching?

I didn’t watch a single moment of Idol’s 11th season – and it seems I wasn’t alone. Idol lost a whopping 23% of its total viewers last season and the season finale plunged by almost 8 million viewers from a year earlier. Sure the show is still a major hit – but Fox needs to stop the declines. And fast!

For me the big reason I tuned out last season was due to judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Partnered with the consistently ineffectual Randy Jackson, Tyler and Lopez (the former in particular) barely offered anything resembling a critique in season 10, leading to a dreary season where every performance was ‘amazing’ and ‘special’. Total snooze. How I longed for the days of Simon Cowell. Or even Kara DioGuardi. Heck even Paula had some moments of clarity at times!

 But now Tyler and Lopez have departed to ‘re-launch’ their music careers and a new posse have been drafted in – diva Mariah Carey, rapper Nicki Minaj and country star Keith Urban.  Unfortunately we still have to put up with Randy Jackson. More >